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Hearties Want to Follow Daniel Lissing and Erin Krakow to the Next Hallmark Holiday Movie

'When Calls the Heart' fans are eager for a holiday movie.

By Rachel CarringtonPublished 6 years ago 2 min read
Erin Krakow and Daniel Lissing

Fans of the historical drama, When Calls the Heart, are gearing up for the release of the series' 2018 Christmas movie. They're excited about what's in store for Erin Krakow's character, Elizabeth Thornton, but that excitement is tempered because Elizabeth will be raising a child without her husband, Mountie Jack Thornton. Thornton, played by Daniel Lissing, died at the end of season five, and while fans have had several months to move beyond the grief, there is one thing they haven't moved beyond—their love for the actors who portrayed their beloved couple.

This year, both Krakow and Lissing each starred in a movie that was a part of Hallmark Channel's Countdown to Christmas (Marrying Father Christmas and Christmas in Love), and both movies brought in the ratings, which is not unusual for a Christmas movie produced by Hallmark. However, the movies also brought in something else—clamor from When Calls the Heart fans for a movie starring Krakow and Lissing together.

Lissing and Krakow brought chemistry to the screen when they portrayed the high-society schoolteacher and the by-the-book Mountie, and even though Lissing has moved on to other projects (like SWAT on CBS), the pair have remained friends off-screen, with Lissing telling ET that he continued to talk to Krakow and Lori Loughlin at least weekly.

But it was Lissing's express interest in working Krakow again on a movie for Erin that got fans even more excited.

I would love to do a film with Erin for Hallmark. I think fans would love to see us together even if its a couple of different characters. Maybe us two in modern day would be really interesting. The idea of Erin and I working together again is super exciting to me and I hope that Hallmark, and the two of us, can work out something or find a script or find something that everyone loves and everyone wants to do.

That excitement jumped a notch when Erin Krakow told her Twitter followers during an #AskErin event that she would like to do a movie with Daniel Lissing as well. And #Hearties have resumed their push for a Hallmark movie with tweets to Hallmark, graphics, and even petitions.

Mary Sexton Schmidt via Hearties!!! Devoted Fans of 'When Calls the Heart' Facebook Group

Fan energy has been a force behind the restoration of television shows after cancellation, and their pleas have even resulted in movies that have wrapped up series like Firefly. Shows like Designated Survivor, Last Man Standing, and Timeless owe their return to the television screen to the dedication of their fans. (Screen Rant provides a list of seventeen such shows that were brought back to life.) And Hearties are just as determined to bring their favorite couple to the screen again, even if it's not as their beloved schoolteacher and her Mountie.

Entering its sixth season, When Calls the Heart is one of the most successful series to air on the Hallmark Channel. There's little doubt that fans help keep the show on the air, and the popularity of both Krakow's and Lissing's recent Christmas movies prove that When Calls the Heart fans follow their favorite stars. So it would come as no surprise that a joint production with Krakow and Lissing would be a ratings phenom, especially one that ultimately led to a romantic connection between the couple.

Unfortunately, though, a plea for a movie isn't all it takes to make it come to fruition. As much as fans want to see Krakow and Lissing on the screen together again, much must go on behind-the-scenes for it to actually happen. The schedules of the actors and supporting cast have to be taken into consideration as does the right storyline.

Should Hallmark decide to cast Krakow and Lissing in a holiday movie or any one of its seasonal movies, it must be the right one. For that to be ultimately decided, the fans will have to exercise as much patience as it took for Jack Thornton and Elizabeth Thatcher to tie the knot.


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