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Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

The love story we deserve

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

I like to call this article “the obvious Harley Quinn movie we should be getting but DC doesn’t have the common sense or the balls”... DC who has been on shaky ground since the conclusion of the Dark Knight series has had very few victories and even more hastily thrown together flops. Among the greatest of their achievements is Wonder Woman, their highest grossing movie since the previously noted conclusion, AND one of the highest grossing origin films of all time. Yet it seems even with that DC has little faith in their women considering the entire lack of marketing for Birds of Prey, a movie I wanted so badly to be excited for, but when I learned that they were not including Poison Ivy (which is the only way tying the Birds of Prey to Harley Quinn would have made the least bit of sense) I started to lose all hope. One of the most well known DC team-ups, one of the most well known DC relationships, THE most stable, consistent and loving DC relationship, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

Their first meeting on Batman: The Animated Series, set off one of the most beautiful friendships and relationships to take place in comics or cartoons. Ivy has saved Quinn from the Joker more than once, both physically and metaphorically. Ivy saved Quinn after being left for dead by the Joker, Ivy also taught her how to take control of her life and separate herself from the Joker. Their relationship is so loving and caring and supportive and it's always nice to see animated or comic book characters as well rounded. Especially in the case of talking about villains, or anti-heroes because it shows that's they do contain the power of non-abusive love.

Love so strong, Ivy fed Quinn an immunizer so that Quinn could get physically close to her without any side effects. After many times of Ivy saving Harley, Quinn returns the favor. After being kidnapped and framed, Ivy is starved and with the help of Catwoman, Quinn rescues her from her captor.

And here we get to my favorite part, in a recent issue of prequel comics as a set up for the video game Injustice 2, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are married! This is a huge pay off for fans, even before recent comic reveals and the expansion into Harley Quinn’s sexuality and relationship choices, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn’s relationship has had a bond that was clearly more than just friendship. The very sexy and flirtatious women have always done what's best for each other, often saving themselves and each other from men who intend them harm. Their relationship is a milestone for comic books and to not translate that to the big screen is an injustice to the characters as well as to the fans. I’d love to say I understand their hesitation in showing an openly bisexual, and according to the comics non-monogamous relationship but the truth is it's 2020, and their same sex relationship is 100% healthier then us watching Harley and Joker. Honestly speaking depicting a same sex relationship should be the least of their worries, DC has been feeding us forced, rushed, badly written crap for years and their focus needs to be on story and character development and giving us Ivy and Quinn would help them far more then it would hurt. Their bond is something that has existed since their very first meeting, but DC has decided to not just exclude their romantic relationship but the entirety of their friendship, reducing cinematic Quinn to a woman scorned who will most likely just end up back in the clutches of her abusive ex-lover.


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