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Game of Thrones spin-off "House of Dragons" is here. Who's yelling and hoping?

by A careless translation 13 days ago in entertainment
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Game of Thrones spinoff "House of Dragons"

For the vast majority of "Game of Thrones" fans, even though the series ended in 2019, it's as if it's never been offline. You love the right to swim, love is a feeling of dystopian lacerate, like a "little king" cucina and "small skin", the role of the human nature to Yin to dark naked show, there are countless do you think is the leading role of glory or head had died suddenly, horribly, such as the first set and brought the bento Ed stark as that many viewers toes dig "color in the wedding. Seemingly crazy plot is more like the diffraction of real life. So whether or not the final season gets a lot of flak, it's still going to happen. And this year, in an otherwise unremarkable year, we're finally waiting for the prequel series House of Dragons, officially announced to premiere on HBO starting August 2022.

Before the official line, the official also has a lot of action to warm up, hang enough of the audience's appetite, first to make a clear, this time in the end is worth looking forward to?

"House of Dragons" is based on Uncle Martin's other novel, "Fire and Blood," and is set 200 years before "Got" and focuses on the Targaryens of the Dragon Mother. Before that, Aegon Targaryen had waged war on the Seven Kingdoms and established House Targaryen as the dominant force. The Targaryens then ruled the Seven Kingdoms for nearly three centuries, and "House of Dragons" is set between the rise and fall of the Targaryens. (So no more old faces)

The main characters are Renella Targaryen, Daemon Targaryen, Viserys Targaryen, Otto Hightor, Alyson Hightower, Collis Vallerian, Renice Targaryen, Christon Cole, Mesalia. While there was a lot of debate about the casting's physical level (mostly the fact that Daenerys is known for being the most beautiful Targaryen), one netizen joked: "Since they're already dead in battle, you might as well see more dragons." That's true, but the Targaryens have always been inbred. Is there a viable successor?

The trailer features Prince Damon Targaryen (Matt Smith), Princess Renella Targaryen (Emma Darcy) and a host of other key characters. Damon plays the lead role in the trailer, and he tells the story. The overall tone is more like the story of the second son struggling with his own ambitions and frustrations. There are also some small Easter eggs, such as the Stark and Skinning family badges revealed at the King's Landing tourney, but they're not as involved as they might be. At the end of the trailer, the Queen says defiantly, "When a woman sits on the Iron Throne, the men will soon set the kingdom on fire," a familiar refrain that heralds a war that will soon engulf the Red Keep.

AR RPG Dragon House: Dragon Flame

In addition to the above regular operations, Warner Media Global Digital Services has also released a game called House of the Dragon: DracArys to promote the new series.

The game is somewhat similar to Pokemon, the formative game played as a child. Players start with a dragon egg that can be hatched, and then feed and care for the baby to grow freely. Along the way, of course, players can train their dragon companions to learn small skills like flying, breathing fire, cooking with fire, etc. It's worth mentioning that because the game uses AR technology, dragons can appear in any life scene for players to interact with; In addition, let the dragon breathing fire way is also very special, the player needs to say Valyrian "DracArys", the whole immersive experience, this wave of preheating is still quite walk the heart. Those who want to be the first to relive the game of Thrones can download the experience on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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