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Fake Profile-a review

"…David would be good for her, what she needs but not really what she wants…"

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 3 months ago 6 min read
Image credit: Screenshot from Netflix Latinoamérica on YouTube

Carolina Miranda, Rodolfo Salas, Manuela González, Lincoln Palomeque, and Victor Mallarino are part of the cast of 2023's Netflix series Fake Profile(Perfil Falso).

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I can't believe Pedro didn't save Tina as she was arrested. I liked that Pedro defended Camila against Sofia, it was sweet. May not be with the best intentions but it was nice regardless. I can't believe nothing happened to Luigi. Poor Lucas. He was extremely angry and felt betrayed by his father for not being an upstanding guy anymore. I get that he was hurt and tired of his mum getting hurt but he was really invested.

Kind of happy for Miguel when he decided to be noble. I wish we had more backstory on Miguel's life before the Ferrer family. They said he was poor but I think seeing his life and his relationship with Angela would've helped to understand. I kind of felt bad for Miguel though, in terms of never feeling enough for Angela and Pedro. It's a constant battle he has to fight every day in his personal and professional life(since he works for him too). A sad reality that drains people. In the end, we see that Miguel is officially a free man like he wanted. However, did he lose touch with his kids too? Not like Lucas cared but Ava maybe.

I wish we saw a flashback to the planning of their (Camila and Miguel's) fake deaths to see when she told him about Tina, why she was there and how they came up with the plan. Without that, we are left questioning how Miguel survived the car crash and explosion. We saw that Camila was okay. However, we also saw her reaction to David saying Miguel didn't make it. Miguel even said that Angela didn't try to help him out of the car after the accident, meaning it was him but he had no damage, unlike Angela who was not close but had to use crutches. That was the second time that Angela just abandoned a body. Yes, she was in shock but it's puzzling still. After she believed she killed Camila, she called Miguel who surprisingly came to help. Interestingly, she kissed him since she appreciated that he was doing the clean-up and both were bound by this secret elongating their stay together before the accident she believed would remove him from her life finally.

Image credit: Screenshot from Netflix Latinoamérica on YouTube

I felt bad for Angela. She seemed alone despite having some people to turn to. Miguel had cheated on her before with Ximena, whom he promised to be divorced for so that they could run away together. He didn't follow through but surprisingly she did. She left her husband and daughter but left her. Miguel had promised Angela change after this but it didn't stick as he got involved with Camila. She's been through this and felt betrayed again. She was emotionally tired from the questionable character, judgement and intentions of her father (to whom she always gave grace)as well as the reality that Miguel didn't seem to want her as her family unfolded. She's a working mum and heir to the family company. She worked above Miguel and eventually became the new CEO. She saw Lucas in pain and tended to him as she was in pain. After she was arrested for murder, she talked to Adrian about how their father's funeral went. She is full of anger, resentment and pain as she said that the workers were ungrateful for not coming to her dad's funeral. She said she would make his image memorable again and with that, you can see her turning into the very mobster she feared her dad was to have revenge and power.

I was sad for her for a while but I was surprised that Camila was working for Tina because I didn't expect it, however, it explained her persistence with Miguel and finding out more about him. It also explained her endless reserve of money. Yes, she worked hard and all but we would have expected her to get a simple job at some point to get more money. She got new clothes, rings, new furniture, a new car, and rented the house. Even David she pretended with was curious.

Image credit: Screenshot from Netflix Latinoamérica on YouTube

Poor Camila saw her mum experience domestic abuse and experienced it too - terrifying generational trauma. I was so happy when she was able to text David and that they found her. It's twisted how Vincent was actually trying to save her from these people but he was not safe to be with either. I was happy Vincent died because Camila would be able to live in peace. I was happy that Camila was alive to be able to keep her promise to her mum (to get her out of prison).

Tina and Pedro were so evil for bringing Vincent there. They knew that he was abusive to her and had put her in the hospital twice but hey, he works for the plan. Pedro was willing to work to get Miguel and Cristobal out of his children's(Angela and Adrian) lives at any cost including hurting the people he hired to do it.

Inti was for the Ferrer family haha but seriously though, I was happy Adrian broke up with him when he did because things could have gotten really bad as we saw Pedro was very ready to kill him. It was interesting seeing Inti act out of character and be so angry when Adrian talked to him. He's been nothing but calm and collected so this was interesting to see as he was ready to risk threatening Pedro to marry him. I felt bad that Adrian was putting Cris and his fresh engagement on the line (talking about how he's a masochist for Inti) especially when it was part of a scheme. 

Ahh! I know where I know Adrian from now, he was in My heart beats for Lola, ahhh. I was so sad for Cristobal. He was actively watching Adrian lose interest in him and got framed. Cris was scared to tell him about his addiction which Tina used against him. Adrian didn't even stop him. He didn't even fight as Cris said that all he had to say was that they'll solve it and he'll stay. I was utterly shocked when they revealed Pedro's real reason he didn't want Cris for Adrian. They're brothers! yikes. Wait, but when Pedro was saying his reason for getting rid of him and Miguel, he didn't say that. He said that Cris was an addict which we see Adrian didn't like. He could manage an Only Fans page but not the drugs. I guess it's both but mainly the siblings thing.

Image credit: Screenshot from Netflix Latinoamérica on YouTube

I liked David. He's sweet, reliable and trusting. He helped her out and was there for her even through the pretend husband charade. It's sad that he loves Camila and they're in a relationship because she's still not over Miguel and he's not over her as we see in the end scenes. He's still checking on her, sort of shadowing her to show he's still there and making sure she's okay. She smiled at him during her physical therapy class which showed she's amiable with him and he watched her performance later on. She believed David would be good for her, what she needs but not really what she wants and that's just sad.

I can't believe this all started from a dating app fake profile, well I can, but I wonder if somehow they made him do it and made her the target because they had been playing this for two years and although we don't know how long these events have been for, it seems like the plan had been in the works.

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