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Prisoners-a review

"Why is it called Prisoners? Prisoners of this woman, true! But…"

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Image Credit: Screenshot from Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube

Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Jackman, Terrence Howard, Maria Bello, Viola Davis, Kyla Drew Simmons, and Erin Gerasimovich are part of the Prisoners' cast. 

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The movie encourages faith portrayed in everyone as they hoped in what they didn't know or understand. Despite the fact that Keller would go to jail for keeping and torturing Alex, he was right that Alex knew where his daughter was because he guided him eventually. He had faith in what he believed and he was right.

I loved the ending. To me, it's certain that Loki will get Keller because it could have been left a mystery if he didn't hear it multiple times testing his faith in finding Keller. Plus, he promised Grace that he would find Keller just as he promised her that he would find Grace which he did. We are made to trust him despite his persona as we see his faith and dedication grow. We also know that he solves every case and he delivered with finding Anna, therefore it's a guarantee that Keller is found.

Why is it called Prisoners? Prisoners of this woman, true! But prisoners of our emotions? To have an unwavering faith even in times of desperation when we're prisoners to our emotions? How did the husband die then, if he just came for a confession? And it was so professionally done that he had no DNA or fingerprints on him. hmmm.

Image Credit: Screenshot from Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube

Keller's logic did not shine through as much as his emotions did which the lady said was the reason she and her husband kidnapped and killed kids. She said it is a war they wage against God and it turns people into demons like how he (Keller) became in desperation to find his child alive. Keller, despite his desperation, should have planned his going to the woman's house better and told Loki or something but oh well. Despite his trapping, he still had faith saying that he would not give up and he had told his son not to too(earlier on). Keller's moments of pain, obligation, hope, desperation, hanging on to his faith, and more were excellent. Keller's faith remains despite the devastating catastrophe and Loki's faith strengthens.

Loki was great too. He had a real transformation from when he started and when he ended the movie. Loki really tried despite the Captain's disappointing outlook. Keller never knew how much Loki did for him and the girls but he delivered and that's what matters. Loki was brought to help Keller which he did as he grew more emotionally involved. People are brought to aid you because if any other officer (including the Captain) was chosen to seek out the girls, they would have given up and ignored them like Barry. We were told that his abduction was before Loki's time.

It's sad that Alex had to go through another traumatic kidnapping but they didn't really know. This movie is so sad and scary because it is a downward ride but it is such a good watch. The movie makes you question your emotions a bit because you can understand where Keller is coming from but balance it with Franklin's emotions and his need for decency, especially since there was no evidence on the guy (Alex). Or it makes you pick a side.

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