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Luck-a review

"She really jumped into a portal to an undisclosed location, crazy…well, she is desperate."

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
Image Credit: Screenshot from Apple TV on YouTube

Eva Noblezada, Simon Pegg, Jane Fonda, John Ratzenberger, Adelynn Spoon, and Whoopi Goldberg are part of Luck's cast.

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[Are there]Biblical undertones? Good luck above and bad luck below represent Heaven and Hell. They say 'banishment to bad luck', which is also a punishment for stealing good luck. Even 'the in-between' is mentioned as a place in the middle of good and bad luck like Purgatory. Haha, seriously though, this is such a sad place to live in. I wonder if the population constantly changes because a lot has happened to people since she got there.

I love that the creatures in the bad-luck world are lovely and not horrid. A great contradiction to the expectation and seemingly, a beacon of hope that they don't deserve the bad luck either but they are still happy, content and lively. Roothie says Bob was always at the bar saying that if he found good luck he could be happy. Although, the place is not so bad, yes gloomy and hazardous but like a lot of wrecked places, they have a haven that is bright, civil and joyous.

I like that the first goblin she saw is alright and actually happy to see her despite their interaction being enveloped in fear (and his accident too). Also, I like the different words used to describe them as they point out. Sam called them monsters and Bob described them as Roots, Goblins and Goats. They are creatures usually associated with less admiration, unlike the unicorn and dragon they have in the good-luck world. They cheer on the fact that something is broken and it's not their fault after automatically accepting blame for the result. Again, shows their behaviour.

Roothie says one of the benefits of bad luck is that it teaches you to pivot and Sam said she never thought of it that way. Roothie also says that giving Sam and Bob the good luck stone would not impact them severely because they'll just move on to the next thing which we see as the ball deflates and burns so they move on to frisbee golf. Roothie is optimistic that even though he randomly found this only stash of good luck that with giving them, he'll find some more eventually when things are back up and running. The bad-luck creatures are more optimistic than the good-luck creatures that just gave up when met with misfortune. Because they've had bad luck forever, they don't allow themselves to give up or be sad because that's life but you can find happiness and make yourself happy if you want to which they do. They don't depend on the ease of good luck.

Image Credit: Screenshot from Apple TV on YouTube

The dragon is a girl's girl. Told Sam to call her Babe and that Tall girls intimidate some creatures but ladies of a particular stature have to stick together. Babe fully wants to eliminate bad luck to get rid of the frustration, loneliness and unhappiness but just like the necessary balance since the beginning of time, there has to be good and evil, so Sam runs after her with the bad luck stone to prevent her from adding two good luck stones. Sam makes her see the essence of bad luck after Babe said all it ever did was break her heart and break her world.

She sees the creatures from the bad luck world are fixing her world (which could be stretched into a discussion of immigrants from 'third world countries' saving 'first world countries' but that aside). She agrees and they fix things as gal pals. They (Sam) touch on the fact that bad luck is not entirely bad. Saying that it's sometimes needed in your life and she wouldn't change a thing. Babe and the good luck gang come by the tropical bar of Roothie's to visit, thank them and give them the other good luck Crystal for the lucky shot (replacing the good luck stone they originally borrowed). They also praise Sam for helping their lives. They play ball in harmony, tell Bob he could come back to the job (as the captain allowed) and gave him his own lucky coin to be lucky for life but he rejects it. He says he has the best friends and finally accepts that Jerry is more than his assistant but a friend also before saying he would like to join Sam in her world to be her "forever family" which touched her and was adorable, to be honest. Everybody was happy for them too and rejoiced. I loved that Babe was not touchy in the bad luck world, she looked humble, and fit right in, not complaining or seeing herself as above them.

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