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Endicott College's 'Something Rotten' Scrambles an Eggcellent Musical Omelet!

The play delivers non-stop laughs, tremendous talent, and a valuable moral.

By Marielle SabbagPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
The cast of Endicott College's 'Something Rotten' having a fun time performing this hilarious musical.

Make an omelet, preferably in your own style.

Endicott College Mainstage serves Something Rotten, a story of the Bottom brothers, Nick and Nigel, who are struggling to create an original play. They must think outside the eggshells if they are going to outshine the rock star Rennaissance playwright, William Shakespeare.

This musical was not what I expected and totally surprised me! Endicott College’s uproarious production of Something Rotten delivered non-stop laughs, tremendous talent, and a valuable moral about staying true to oneself while pursuing creative visions.

Nick and Nigel Bottom are portrayed with impeccable comedic timing by Eamon Arthur and Ryan Abbott. The dynamic between the brothers was studied tremendously by the pair.

Arthur's portrayal of Nick Bottom was nothing short of magnificent. He is a talented actor and I liked the way he guided the character. As for Abbott, his quick-witted comedic timing elicited continuous bursts of laughter from the audience.

However, it wasn't just the Bottom brothers who stole the show. Thomas Rocco's portrayal of Shakespeare earned a magnitude of applause in his electrifying number 'Will Power.’

Alli Moody (Bea) brought a refreshing and empowering energy to the stage with her performance of 'Right Hand Man.' Moody and Gabby Wheeler (Portia) provided a much-needed representation of strong female characters.

And now for Aiden Kerrigan's hysterical portrayal of Nostradamus. All I can say is that Kerrigan earned his title as the comedy king. His on-point deliveries and comical body mannerisms made audiences howl in laughter.

The entire ensemble went all out in their performances. I will continue to say that no small part exists in the theater. I love it when the ensemble is having the time of their lives! Everyone did an excellent job, especially in the dance numbers.

Speaking of the dance numbers, choreographer Aaron Neagle-Swiniuch added an extra layer of excitement, with lively and dynamic numbers that had the audience (me included) dancing in their seats and cheering for more.

Joined by a live orchestra, the songs are fun melodies, mixing in familiar show tunes. My favorites of the evening were, ‘God I Hate Shakespeare,’ ‘A Musical,’ and ‘Make an Omelet.’

The stage design and costumes transported the audience back in time to the Renaissance period. Characters run about the stage, up stairs, and disappear through windows and doors. The props team created several amusing signs with humorous phrases that spoofed shops.

At its core, Something Rotten is a hilarious parody of Shakespearean plays, filled with absurdity and wit. At one point, cast members dance on the stage wearing eggs and bacon costumes. It was an egg-cellent time!

The cast of Something Rotten embraced the silliness to entertain the crowd. I will forever remember the crowd barreling in hysterics, snorting, and smiles stretching across faces. Laughter is the best medicine. Sometimes life gets in the way and we forget to be silly. This show reminds us to have a laugh and be ourselves.

As director Katie Clarke-Robertson said, ‘The bravest thing anyone can do is be who they really are.’ Clarke-Robertson masterfully upped the comedy, allowing both the cast and the audience to immerse themselves in the play’s nonsensical world.

The moral behind Something Rotten should not be overlooked. We all have our visions and we shouldn’t be jealous of others' ideas. You just may think of a new omelet.

Tickets are limited for Endicott College’s Something Rotten. I loved every minute of this hilarious musical. The show is not for all ages, alluding to several innuendoes. Do not miss a serving of Endicott College’s Something Rotten, playing onstage until April 6.

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