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'Elvis: A Musical Revolution' Triumphs at North Shore Music Theatre

NSMT’s production breathes new life into the legacy of the rock and roll legend.

By Marielle SabbagPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Dan Berry as Elvis Presley in North Shore Music Theatre's 'Elvis: The Musical Revolution'

‘When things go wrong, don’t go with them.’ - Elvis Presley

North Shore Music Theatre presents the king of rock and roll in the brand new musical, Elvis: A Musical Revolution. Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, Elvis Presley has a passion for music. Promised a successful career by his deceitful manager, Colonel Tom Parker, the singer becomes the most famous rock star of his time - but not without controversies.

NSMT’s production of Elvis: A Musical Revolution breathes new life into the legacy of the rock and roll legend. I learned new facts about Elvis that I never knew before as I watched the electrifying performance. This musical pays homage to the timeless tunes of the complicated life of the legendary rock star.

Dan Berry gets an A+ for his studious research to inhabit a believable interpretation of Elvis Presley. His embodiment of Presley’s charisma and musical talent is mesmerizing. Berry’s emotional dictation should not go unmentioned, delivering an astounding performance. Presley’s life offstage is just as important, recognizing relationships and inner turmoils.

NSMT welcomes a familiar face who has been seen on the stage for 30 years now. Not only did David Coffee earn applause but his performance as Colonel Tom Parker was astounding. Parker's complex relationship with Elvis and the music industry adds a layer of depth to the narrative and also offers insights into the musician's career challenges.

The ensemble for Elvis enhances the overall impact of the production. In theater, there is no such thing as a small part. Their collective talent and dedication shine through whether they play significant people in the musician's life or dance to the tunes.

Asher Stern is notable as Kid Elvis (also played by Patrick Naughton in other performances). Moments where Elvis interacted with his kid self were touching. Shoutouts also go to Mary Callahan (Gladys Presley), Emma Wilcox (Priscilla Presley), and Kevin B. McGlynn (Vernon Presley). Their portrayals enhance the production's overall impact.

The tech work for NSMT’s Elvis deserves praise for their tremendous attention to detail in recreating Elvis’s iconic performances, transporting audiences back to the rock and roll era. Major credit also goes to the costume department for supplying Presley’s famous attire and flawless quick changes throughout the show.

Speaking of Elvis’s songs, everyone will be rocking out to tunes dictated by a live orchestra. A few songs are ‘Hound Dog,’ ‘All Shook Up,’ ‘Jailhouse Rock’ and one of my favorites of the evening, ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love.’

Beyond the performances and dazzling technical work, Kevin P. Hill displays a poignant and resonating message. Through Elvis’s complicated life offstage, the production emphasizes the importance of maintaining authenticity and courage. Though in keeping the show light, some aspects, like Presley’s addictions are overlooked which was a big part of his life.

I always enjoy looking around at people to see their reactions. A wave of nostalgia passed through the audience. Aside from happily bopping their heads to the tunes, Elvis: A Musical Revolution had more emotional appeal than I thought.

Unexpectedly, this show hit differently for me on a personal note. My late aunt was an Elvis fan and the night I saw the show I felt her presence throughout. Elvis has a different personal connection among fans. That’s what I love about theater. Theater is a transformative way to connect with audiences through emotional appeal.

You want to take advantage of the king of rock and roll, so buy a ticket and see Elvis: A Musical Revolution at North Shore Music Theatre. It’s an unforgettable experience. The show runs until November 12.

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  • Naveed 4 months ago

    You covered all of the important aspects of the show, and you did it in a way that was both engaging and informative.

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