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Dungeons & Dragons: My Real Life Stats

by Mackenzie Tittle 8 months ago in gaming
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What would my ability scores be as a D&D character?

If you’ve played enough Dungeons & Dragons (and you’re a nerd like me) then you’ve likely wondered at some point — What would my ability scores be as a D&D character? What class would I be? Alignment?

In this article I’ll discuss my personal answers to the questions above — not because I think you care about my stats, but because I hope that some of you might enjoy the process and reflect upon your own real life character sheets.

Ability Scores

Strength: 12

I think I’m stronger than the average 27-year-old man… maybe? Barely? Kind of hard to gauge honestly, I’m not a naturally strong person — but I think I’m in better physical shape than most men my age.

Dexterity: 10

I’m pretty slow. I was terribly slow for a college soccer player and nothing about me is “quick” or “agile.” Still, I gave myself a 10 because I think I’m still average in comparison to the general public. Maybe?

Intelligence: 16

When I think of my personal strengths, my intelligence is usually what comes to mind. I’m not a genius — there are people out there who are wayyy smarter than I am. But I was a straight A student, college graduate, high school valedictorian, above average Chess player… I don’t know? A 16 seems right? Definitely somewhere 15–17 I think.

Wisdom: 13

I’m wise when I want to be and foolish when I don’t… I think that a truly wise person would choose to be wise more often than I do. My intuitions are usually pretty strong, but I don’t always listen to them. This was probably the hardest ability score for me to evaluate, but I’ve landed on 13.

Constitution: 16

I’m tough. I don’t look it and I don’t really try to be that “tough guy.” But my pain tolerance is abnormally high and I’m a persistent (or just stubborn) bugger. I don’t take pride in my Constitution the way that I do my Intelligence, but they are definitely my only two high stats.

Charisma: 13

If Charisma were just based on physical appearance, then I’d be more like an 11. I’m physically very average in appearance. But, I think that I’m a pretty likable guy. I’m a decent leader as well. Nothing exceptional. But most of my students/players seem to respect and like me — at least most days.


I think part of me really wishes that I was a Ranger… but look at those stats — I’m no Ranger. It’s pretty obvious that I’m a Wizard, whether I want to be one or not. Wizards are cool though. My school of focus would probably be Illusion? I guess I could see Evocation or Enchantment as well. Definitely one of those three though. My familiar would be… I’d like for it to be a Hawk — I could sort of experience the thrill of flying that way. But a Hawk doesn’t really speak to my personality — probably more like a Dog or a maybe a Chameleon (I don’t think Chameleon is an approved D&D familiar though).


Neutral Good. I think over time I’ve shifted a bit towards Lawful on the spectrum, but not far enough to hit that LG label yet. I’ve definitely moved further away from CG though.

Weapon of Choice?

Weapons are clunky and awkward, as well as armor. I’m walking around in Sweatpants and a long-sleeve t-shirt, relying on nothing but my hands & my spells.


I don’t have a lot of these… I’m a good Liar (although I try not to lie). So bluff skill is high. Concentration & Discipline would be pretty high as well I think. Lore is above average but nothing spectacular. Hopefully Spellcraft would at least be decent. I’ve got good eyes so maybe Spot is above average? That’s probably it.

I’d have negative modifiers in Heal, Intimidate, Perform (really negative), Move Silently, Hide, Open Locks, Disable Traps, Search, Listen, Tumble… Probably a few others as well.

Anything Else? Comment below and I’ll happily answer any questions on D&D Stats/Ability — personal or otherwise.

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