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Dreaming of Cthulu and the Joker Menagerie

by Skylar Joel Harris about a year ago in celebrities
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11/2/2019 - Dream Journal


Dreams are the life I live besides the waking life. They've come back full force, and the need to respect what enhances vs suppresses my dreams, equals my want to share these experiences.

I had a lot of dreams all night and through the morning; spending time with friends, old friends, people I don't spend time with anymore. Sharing moments we never shared.

Once it all coalesced, an epidemic was spreading. And the only thing that helped was acupuncture. Phase one, the skin started to turn grey, and black lines would grow from the finger tips, toenails, and scalp would spread like vines across their body. Phase two, they would start to act like zombies, not dead, but very hungry, ravenous and berserk. It affected children first. The first half of this dream was heartbreaking, and I won't go into it... Because before we learned how to heal and reverse it... We had to end their suffering and ours.

We tried a lot of things to help heal, and it wasn't until we noticed the black lines fading, and cognition returning to the kid who figured it out. That I started to call all my acupuncturist friends.

Once we gained what we thought was an advantage, the whole city and state was starting to flood, and it was abandoned. We assumed it was because of the evacuation. The water was rising above the smaller buildings.

We made our way to high points, and this wasn't Oregon. I think it was England, or France. I would have to travel more to know these specific monuments. I remember a tall bell church, and many buildings with towers, that worked as stone viewpoints or watch posts. But only one person could fit easily. It was high up and made me uneasy, and we were fitting nearly fifteen of us into this narrow tower to escape the water.

It was night, and the only light was from the full moon. then a torch lit up, showing the enchanter. I can't remember his face, it was some humanoid Cthulhu sorcerer. He was very old, and was antagonizing us to fight him. This is when we ran to the church and climbed the stone slats and ropes to hang on this leaning stone tower.

I was certain it would fall at some point, but as soon as we were all atop it. Phase three of the epidemic was seen. They were zombies, when they died, they became undead and had tentacles that would erect from the wound sites and orifices'.

Thousands of people started to emerge from the water. Because they were piling atop each other from deep below. Two of our group was standing on a ledge that released pressure and would open up. She was able to keep timing until she saw the pipe under the platform that kept it's pressure. She climbed under, hanging just a foot above the water in the dark. Found the valve and shut it off.

Just when we were trying to pull us up, five more antagonists showed up. Each of them holding a different colored flame. Undead, their faces would stretch with their smiles as they talked. It was each of the Jokers.

They were on a building that linked to ours.

Cesar Romero started first, his voice was alarming. For he's been dead longer than the others, it set the mood.

"Don't be scared kids! We are!"

Heath ledger speaks now, "tonight's entertainment! I only have one question!?"

Then Jack Nicholson spoke.

"Does that dress make him look fat?"

Jack had a hard time actually smiling, his face drifted beneath his jaw, stitched by tiny tentacles and decay, all of their teeth sharp and yellow.

We turn and Joaquin Phoenix's Joker was beside us, his whole suit was tentacles, but tucked close to his body. Oily and shining and alive. He tilted his head, unable to speak.

All of the sudden Joaquin Phoenix not as the Joker shows up next to us, as if he knew this is where the showdown would be. He told us to stay back. As he turned back to his Joker self, a tentacle shot from it's shoulder wielding a silver spoon.

Jared Letto's Joker spoke up, frowning with glee.

"He's scooped into your heart, it's little boy blue, the man and the moon!"

Jack slaps Letto, his silver teeth fall out and they all laugh horrifically.

"It's cats cradle and the silver spoon you idiot!"

Heath turns and rolls over Jack's shoulder.

"Ta ta ta, he's trying..."

Romero chimes in.

"Theres no Yoda here, so he can try..."

Mark Hammil finally speaks up as they laugh at him, and realize that familiar melancholy of the old Skywalker. Unamused. His voice for the Cartoon Joker is prevalent and triggers all of them.

"Haha! Looks like we've lost it... Ol sunny Jims gotta work on his lines."

Jack turns back, wide eyes as he does when he's trying to make up for his poor eyesight in understanding something.

"We never had it to begin with sunny!"

Joaquin pulls the tentacles into himself further, dragging his Joker self and him into the water.

He had a unique spike, which he used to mutilate the wound sites and slay the infection as they drifted deeper down.

They hold each other, bleeding a lot. Until their bodies fuse, and he swims up to stand in the ledge with the Jokers.

We are all wondering what happened to the sorcerer, and by the look in Joaquin's eyes, it's bound to be one of the Jokers.

"Ohhohohoohhhooo!!! Isn't this a treat! Seems like we've been found out boys!"

Mark Hammil chimes in, ready to fight them all. They all line up and pull out weapons.

Letto smiles missing his silver teeth.

"Let's get this party started clowns!"

The slap of his tongue makes all of their unique Joker laughs come out, all of them. It's haunting, and as the echoes reach through the flooded city, the thousands of zombies clamber after the fifteen of us, mostly kids between 8-13. And five adults.

The fight among the Jokers is brutal, and their hysteria in mutilating each other is something like I've never seen. Mark Hamill is taken down first, dissected until his Jedi spirit wakes him up from the moment of his death, to live another day.

The tower falls, holding atop it and into the water, and we run across rooftops to higher buildings with towers until we reach the bell. It's the only spot lit by torches and we watch the fight.

Joaquin didn't stand a chance, but had found a way to absorb Cthulhu into his body. Extracting the undead life from each of the Jokers.

Shouting at Heath, as if disappointed.

"Tada! Seems the pressure of being ME, made YOU disappear!"

Heath finally frowns, dying again as the actor, as he returns to being human.

Leaving Jack Nicholson and Cesar Romero left.

Joaquin looks as them both, tentacles unable to stay inside his body, they leap in and out, unable to flee to the Jokers. The fear is palpable, and so Joaquin says.

"I'm not gonna hurtchya, I'm just gonna bash your fucking brains in!!"

Jack points with ferocity!

"Now you lying stealing cunt! You wash that fish puss of a mouth you got, and come here so I can spank ya!"

Romero pats Jack on his slimy back.


The zombies are all crawling up the building behind him, as if in slow motion they are all racing towards Nicholson and Romero.

Joaquin is bloodied in half joker half human face, smiling madly as if he were two face.

Jack says.

"He is one... He's... embraced the madness."

The Jokers turn to each other, realizing their folly in being pawns. They scream hideously in the way only undead could. Muscle tissue from lung and esophagus splay out from their neck and mouth until their eyes pop out and the tentacles start to conjoin their two bodies.

The rampage of zombies tears everything apart.

The destruction was so fast and with so much detail, the only thing I knew as I woke up.

Is Joaquin took all of them in, and used the spike to kill Cthulhu and thanked everyone for their fun. Knowing he has become one with his shadow, and holds a humility in his heart for those who've passed...

I wake up, feeling grateful for actors who live their roles. Whether or not it kills them...

Life and death are meant to be loved and hated. Both can be comedy and tragedy. But mostly, the important thing is to never demonize anything. Humility is letting go of suffering, for it is a folly. An illusion that keeps you from embracing truth. This truth, is that nothing should ever be taken for granted. To be 100% in anything, requires every fiber of your being, even if it's acting.

And those who live with the trauma of always living as someone else, it is how I feel every time I wake up from my dreams, living in wholly different lifetimes from my own...

Sending love for those who have passed, yesterday and prior, today in our present moment, and those in the future to come.

Blessed be.


About the author

Skylar Joel Harris

Author, Musician, Vocalist, Voice Actor, World Builder: Seeking the dream team make all the creative work come to life! I've built an entire Universe of stories from my dreams to make; Graphic Novels, Scores, Movies, Series, & Video Games.

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