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I just realized why I love Anime so MUCH!!!

by Skylar Joel Harris 12 months ago in entertainment
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Not that I need a reason to, but in learning this value it's helped me change my entire approach towards life and integrity.

I just realized why I love Anime so MUCH!!!
Photo by Bruce Tang on Unsplash

We will never be able to do what they do in Anime.

There I said it. Flat out. It won't happen. Not in our time or the next generation.

And I'm not talking about the powers, the creative skills, etc. What I'm referring to, is how they approach the antagonist in any story. They are angry, passionate, powerful, simplifying big real world issues that reflect our own, and in a simple directive. It's the entire focus of the show, or even an entire world at times. That's what makes it 'simple'.

Anime is never as complicated as our world, hell, most stories told will never be as complicated as our own world. Even the Bible, we're still reading it, referencing it, trying to understand it and compare it to our own world, and it's keeping us from 'what is' and the 'now' of where our world 'is' and is headed.

This is appealing.

It allows us to take the load off and watch someone else's issues come to fruition in different colors, and then the glory of it unfolds. Pick the genre, it will all be relative. Which is why I'm picky with what I watch. I watch anything and everything due to how it will inspire me, effect me, and when I'm dedicated or drawn to see it through to the end, well... it teaches me how much I need to step up my game. Wondering, when will I be able to share what I've created, and will it have this effect on people?

Who knows...

I likely won't.

Maybe that's the beauty of it.

There are so many life lessons, tools, perspectives, challenges to overcome found in so many shows, not just Anime. All over the place. Our world of entertainment to me has become and always has actually, been more than 'just' entertainment. Its a source of inspiration.

We've become really talented as a species, but we've also dwindled many talents that were the peak of our becoming. Those talents that lay dormant, I think are what people refer to as "woke" when someone is able to be or think or do outside the box.

In my honest opinion, being woke, happens in moments until you become truly awake. Even then, it's a state that requires constant balance, honesty and humility.

What hit me tonight, is realizing who my antagonist truly is.

It's the Judge.

The Judge of the social mind and world we're in. Where peoples opinions are their staple for feeling or thinking what they believe is true or untrue is their truth, or reality, or what is concrete. None of this is a foundation... We are never meant to 'know' all of anything. Thinking and acting outside the box is how we can learn to evolve over time. We will always be learning more and the moment we put a lid on, something happens to tap on it, or flip it off, possibly not even just the lid but your whole box could fall apart.

We are trained to act like victims when this happens, but hey, life happens. We are meant to have our views dismantled in order to see and adjust our way of life. It takes temperament, like the roles of main characters in our favorite shows, to overcome our suppressor(s) and circumstances.

It could take years, days, minutes from the moment you decide something is, what it is. Examples like; "This is how it is", and "This is what you are!" "You're wrong! I'm right because I feel this way!" and those who explode their feelings without listening to the other side, and assume "You are this thing (I've come to 'understand' or 'know') and you wont/can't change! So I'm gonna tell on you and make you feel bad cause you're different!", and gossip, and make people 'hate you like I hate you.'

That's the enemy...

Not people who are like this, but this way of thinking. The vein of consciousness that stems from it, and where it came from. It's an invisible enemy, but it's palpable. Yet it can be seen, witnessed by the actions of many.

What to do?

The only thing I've ever believed we can do...

We only have 'control' over our self. So... we must learn to access that 'control'. It requires being conscious in developing your 'self' and state of mind. Which I believe is the art of healing, and finding homeostasis. You have to recognize where you are, in order to create any kind of change, or shift, or growth. Otherwise you remain in the background hitting the autopilot button, acting as part of the program instead of standing out on your own.

Until then your suffering will feed your lies, no matter how little or massive they are. And reality will feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, contained in the bottle others view you in because it keeps them 'comfortable' in their absence and frustrations.

I can't go out into the night, full armored, powered up, screaming towards the pinnacle of the darkness into the stars to fight this enemy... it will NEVER happen.

I can, defeat it within myself. If I do, the discipline to maintain it will hopefully proliferate along the way. Alas again, this is not up to me. People have free will, and they will make their own choices on how to use and interpret information.

There always has to be an antagonist. It's what makes the story interesting. A conflict to overcome. When a story is totally wholesome, peaceful, and 'uneventful' it doesn't catch the masses' eye. Which is why I dove in the direction of the stories I have...


Anime like "Boy and the Beast" and "Summer Wars" and "Wolf Children" and "Your Name" They are all wholesome... just like all of Miyazaki's films with Studio Ghibli. It is more about people overcoming themselves to turn the world around. Which I find not only hugely attractive, but amazing that they came up with something so wholesome AND impactful.

Why do I love Anime?


It reminds me there is more to this world than we are willing to accept almost all of the time. And... I've been charging towards the infinite hoping I would come across something that would surprise this world. Hoping to show this world that magic can be and is real. But the best I got, is learning to believe in myself... and for now that's all I need to prove to myself what it means to be honest in my day to day, moment to moment.

And I hope someday you can learn to believe in yourself. 100%

And I hope someday we can learn to believe in everyone else, too...


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Skylar Joel Harris

Author, Musician, Vocalist, Voice Actor, World Builder: Seeking the dream team make all the creative work come to life! I've built an entire Universe of stories from my dreams to make; Graphic Novels, Scores, Movies, Series, & Video Games.

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