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Did the Latest Flash Episode Give Us a Huge Clue About the Identity of Savitar?

Savitar will have a big reveal about his identity, and it was hinted at in an episode of The Flash.

By Abdullah MasoodPublished 7 years ago 2 min read

*Possible Spoilers*

Hello internet. The latest episode of Flash was an emotional rollercoaster ranging from the fight between our favorite meta fighting duo to the big reveal that Draco Malfoy *surprise *surprise is Dr Alchemy. But the most important thing was a clue given about the identity of the god of motion Savitar that has given rise to these two theories of mine as to who it really is.

So here they go

In the episode, we find out Savitar is trapped somewhere and needs Alchemy to come to the mortal realm again. Now let us assume that he is trapped in the speed force. In the comics this has happened to many great speedsters, even being turned to pure energy in the case of the rebirth comics. We know Barry is the only one who can see him, presumably because he is very fast or connected to the speed-force. We know Wally is feeling the god like powers of the speed-force, do anything be anything. He is also faster than Barry when he started out. From the comics we also know Wally West becomes much faster than Barry ever was. Could it be Savitar is some misshapen remnant of Wally's future, an alter ego created by being in the speed-force too long much like Killer Frost is of Caitlin Snow. Could this be the identity of our mysterious villain?

Second theory: it is a pure case of multiple personality disorder of Julian Dorne. Julian can see Savitar without the speedforce. Speedsters have created time copies to co exhist at the same time. Which would account for Dr Alchemy and Savitar being in multiple places at once. Could Savitar be Julian's altd ego protected from the changes in flashpoint who was stuck in the speed force and was insulated somehow from the effects of the resetting of that timeline? And alchemy is just another Jay Garrick? Julian would not even be aware himself of the fact thus accounting for him being able to see him. And Alchemy's efforts to restore people to their flashpoint powers is just an attempt to get his own power back.

This is pure conjecture for now but let's see what happens for now. Of course the most likely course is always possible that he is an original character who was a pilot in the comics that was struck by lightning ego at flashpoint and later became this being but Flash has more backstory to it's villains with them being the related somehow. I have a gut feeling Savitar will have a big reveal.


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