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What Does the Black Suit Mean for Justice League

Next time we see Superman in Justice League, he may resemble the fallen hero from “The Death of Superman,” sporting the black suit.

By Abdullah MasoodPublished 7 years ago 1 min read

Henry Cavills Superman died in BvS. Now we just reviewed info from his Instagram that the black suit used in The Death and Return of Superman story arc will come to Justice League. Here is the Instagram image:

Now, we know that in the story several things happened that could have major significance for the Superman storyline. Here they are:

1) Jonathan Kent could return.

As most of you know, Superman's dad dies due to a heart attack in the comics and goes into the afterlife to talk his son's soul into coming back to the world of the living. This could mean more scenes for Kevin Costner who has given amazing performances in cameos and full roles as well.

2) Superman could be weakened.

In the comics, Superman is weakened and needs the assistence of a suit even to walk and is clearly underpowered due to time spent in the regeneration matrix.

3) Other Supermen?

In Superman's absence, 3 new supermen took charge of Metropolis as the new heroes. However this probably will be in Man of Steel 2 rather than Justice League.

4) Fortress of Solitude could play a big role.

It is here where Superman was reborn due to the regeneration matrix. A high chance of its use here.

5) Doomsday is still alive.

The fact of the matter is that if Superman can survive the kryptonite spear, so can doomsday. He already has the powers of Superman amplified. Plus in the comics he survives and joins with Brainiac. Great stuff for the future. And also possible upgrades to him as well.


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