'Can You Ever Forgive Me?'—A Movie Review

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Life is not always about doing right. Of course, we can take our actions, forgive others for wrongdoings, and create a better life.

'Can You Ever Forgive Me?'—A Movie Review

You either have two options. Become a nice person who enjoys people more than cats or you can forge original works off from already existing letters for money.

Can You Ever Forgive Me? is a 2018 nominated film based on a true story of Lee Israel who turns to make a profit out of copying 400 works of already famous letters written by well-known authors from the past. With the help from her friend, Jack, they end up under the noses of suspicion when their plan is found out.

I wasn’t sure what to expect upon watching this film. I knew it had to be an entertaining film with McCarthy involved and I was right. The story never lagged once and gave a generous portrayal of a man and a woman who did wrong.

Melissa McCarthy stars as Lee Israel. Yes, the identity thief, the bridesmaid, and the hot-tempered detective. The moment McCarthy appears onscreen her performance is a mixture of her own comedic essence while interpreting this real-life figure. McCarthy has had a handful of comedic and memorable roles, mostly portraying troubled characters try to find meaning in life. She does an outstanding job as a 51-year-old woman who loves cats more than people.

Many creative minds were used to make this film come to life. Writing is an inspiration to all. It’s tough to create our own works. Criticism is also tough as its a mixture of helpful advice and insults. Due to society coming down on Israel she was at a loss for words and decided to plagiarise off existing work in order to make how she felt known.

In the role of her friend, Jack, a kind soul with human failings, Richard E. Grant also does an outstanding job. Not all characters are people to look up to. I adored the friendship between Lee and Jack. They gave one another a needed figure the other didn’t know they needed. Trust and forgiveness are one of the most important factors regarding friendship.

Director, Marielle Heller does an outstanding job with the location, setting, and soundtrack welcoming the viewers into the minds of the main characters and how they view their world. I loved following the characters into countless bookstores and libraries. Book lovers will enjoy this film.

The film is a well-balanced blend of comedy and drama. It is well paced letting the audience understand the characters, notice hidden subtle elements and also presenting the scheme.

Although the main plot is about cheating against society to earn money, themes like friendship, relationships, and sexuality are also raised. Life is not always about doing right. Everyone makes mistakes whether proud of them or not. Of course, we can take our actions, forgive others for wrongdoings and create a better life.

McCarthy and Grant were both nominated for their performances at this years Academy Awards. I am very surprised that director Marielle Heller was not nominated. Or even for the best picture. Oh well, every movie has a special place in everyone’s heart. This film is a memoir on Israel’s life who forgive society to become a better being.

The film also creates a genuine portrayal of what a relationship is like with a pet. As Lee states perfectly, pets make us feel who we are and also make us understand love.

The message is very thoughtful along with the themes presented. This is one of McCarthy’s best dramatic roles. I am looking forward to seeing more chances she is given to present her different sides.

Can You Ever Forgive Me? is a really thought-provoking, creative, and heartfelt story. It’s the right atmosphere and tone that gives audiences the best reaction. Make the best of life and don’t be afraid of the hardships thrown at you. Well done to all cast and crew.

Marielle Sabbag
Marielle Sabbag
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