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Buffy Doesn't Need A Remake

But A Re-Boot Would Be Awesome!

By Natasja RosePublished about a month ago 3 min read

Every so often, but more frequently than other franchises, there's a news story about a potential reboot of Buffy: the Vampire Slayer.

Speaking as a fan of the franchise since high school, half a lifetime ago, I think that this is a terrible idea.

Much like The Princess Bride, Ghostbusters and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Buffy is a series that not only doesn't need a remake, but a remake would fail to live up to the original.

The original cast was iconic, but they had their arc, leading to an amazing ending and a follow-up comic series.

Instead, if they do decide to continue the story, they should shift the focus.

By Niranjan _ Photographs on Unsplash

The TV Series Finale ended with a complete change to the (fictional) universe. The Hellmouth was closed, the quasi-Antagonistic Watcher's Council was History, and the Chosen One was now the Chosen Multitudes.

Rather than remaking the same story that's already been told, any new Buffy series should either be a continuation, or set in the same world, but centered around something else.

It's not like there's a lack of options to choose from.

In the closing moments of the final episode, Giles mentions that there is another Hellmouth in Cleveland, Ohio. It would be simplicity itself to have a bunch of New Slayers/Former Potentials having 'demon-of-the-week'-style adventures there.

Heck, you could have as many seasons as you like, each one centered on and around a different Hellmouth.

By Ankhesenamun on Unsplash

Or explore how the sudden influx of Slayers has changed the dynamics.

How are they organised? How are they trained before being sent out to fight evil? Do they operate in teams or squads, or is it a one-per-town set-up?

What support can they call on, now that the Watcher's council is no more? Does Evil ramp it up in order to keep the balance between Good and Evil?

What about Slayers who are far too young to be out and fighting? One of the Slayers in the Calling Montage looked like she wasn't even out of Primary School, much less Middle School or High School! There's no firm confirmation on when a girl becomes a Potential Slayer; powered-up Pre-Schoolers are going to take a LOT more care and attention than the average kid...

By Leonardo Yip on Unsplash

Also, I'd kill to see an episodic snapshot series focused on different slayers.

Each episode starts with the death of the previous slayer and the calling of the episode's main character. Two-part episodes when there's a Really Big Bad that needs a little more time and attention.

Flesh it out with bringing up some of the Seasonal Big Bads from Buffy, or casual references made in the past.

Like, a Medieval Slayer who held off the bad guys so that one Knight could stop Acathla.

Past encounters with the Order of Taraka. Have they been sent after Slayers before? Why doesn't literally any vampire with the cash hire them, if they're so lethal? Or do they only take on targets who have proven worthy of their attention? What guises would they take in other time periods?

Have other Slayers been to the Sunnydale Hellmouth before? Did they encounter the Master? How did he get trapped in his Lair in the first place?

A slayer working with a coven of witches to set off the Volcano that stopped the Ascension that Anya witnessed.

The formation of the Watcher's Council, when and how it started and developed. Or perhaps that there used to be a Council per Regional Power, and the British one is just the last one left. Or that even when the powers of the world were in constant flux and opposition to each other, the Watcher's Council was a global organization long before Global Citizenship was even a concept.

Black Slayers in the American South pre-Civil Rights, or in Aparthaid South Africa. A Peasant Slayer during the French Revolution, with a Noble Watcher who keeps trying to make her a tool of the Aristocricy rather than actually doing her duty.

Caveman Slayers! Slayers in Ancient Greece, Egypt and Mesopotamia! Dark Age Warrior Nun Slayers! Jewish Slayers in WWII Europe! Historical events, viewed through a supernatural lens!

There is so much potential! Different time periods, different cultures, different demons and struggles! Explore Slayers who had friends, but had to keep them secret, or what caused all the restrictions that the Watcher's Council placed on Slayers before Buffy.

What would you like to see in a potential Buffy reboot?

Meanwhile, leave a heart or a comment, and check out my other works at the link above.

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  • Raphael Fontenelleabout a month ago

    Meh. I don't think Buffy should be continued. Mostly thanks to a lot of issues with it. DX Joss Whedon being the biggest cuz the man is disgusting.

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