Best series to watch on Netflix

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Best Netflix series that you would love to watch

Best series to watch on Netflix
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Are you one of those who don't miss a good series? Are you lost with the amount of offers available on the streaming service ? So this list was made with you in mind!

Here we have selected the best Netflix series separated by genre: they are comedies, dramas, action productions and historical content.

Best comedy series

1. Me, You and Her

A loving couple seems bored by the marriage that lasts almost a decade. Thus the characters of You Me Her are presented .

Emma and Jack Trakarsky live in the suburbs, have a beautiful home, a stable life (she is an architect and he is a school counselor), a happy marriage. There is no lack of love, however, the marriage fell into a slump.

Trying to rekindle the flame, Jack hires an escort. Izzy is a 25-year-old young psychology student who ends up falling in love with the couple - and they with her. The three begin to live an unusual "polyamorous" romantic story that we now follow.

2. Atypical

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside an autistic boy's head? That is the premise of the series that has as its protagonist the boy Sam, an 18 year old teenager who finds himself in trouble when having to deal with the real world.

The dramatic comedy features episodes that for the "normal" teenager would be commonplace, but which are processed by Sam, a boy outside the box, in a very unusual way.

Funny, creative, original - and sometimes dramatic - Atypical invites us to look at the world in a different way .

3. College friends

Light, fun and humorous: this is how the North American series Friends from college could be defined .

Ethan, Lisa, Sam, Nick, Max and Marianne are friends from college - all of whom studied at Harvard - who have not lost touch over the years.

Now, with the whole group in their forties , they star in scenes of love, jealousy, friendship and betrayal - all of this washed down with a lot of nostalgia .

4. Sex Education

The protagonist of the Sex Education series is Otis, a teenager with unconventional parents - the boy's father is a writer and his mother is a sexologist.

Hearing so much advice from the therapist mother, Otis learns to deal with a series of intimate dramas and ends up helping his classmates who have sexual problems similar to those of his mother's patients, who maintains an office at home.

The English series, full of humor, narrates the adventures of the boy who is entering adult life - in a mess of hormones and affections.

Best Drama Series


The American series takes place in a maximum-security Litchfield women's prison and stars as executive consultant Piper Chapman, a New Yorker who is sentenced to 15 months in prison for being involved in drug trafficking.

Despite the central story revolving around Piper, the series ends up portraying the lives of several other women who ended up in prison. We got to know the backstage of the prison and the heavy daily life that the inmates have to face.

Although it is a drama, the episodes have features of comedy. The OITNW series raises a number of social problems such as illegal immigration, prejudice and the issue of drug trafficking.

6. Shtisel

The Israeli series chronicles the backstage of the Shtisel, a haredi - religious family that lives in Geula, an ultra-orthodox neighborhood in Jerusalem .

Throughout the series, we witnessed the family's daily life and the problems they face over time due to religious impositions.

We followed the personal tragedy of Shulem, the patriarch, and also of his children and grandchildren.

The series presents us with a completely different universe from the ones we are used to seeing and introduces us to an internally new world. If you are curious about new cultures, Shtisel is a series not to be missed!

7. Black mirror

The award-winning English series Black mirror snatched six Emmys and achieved the feat of being acclaimed by both critics and the public.

The science fiction series has independent episodes that tell how technological innovations change people's daily lives in a futuristic reality.

All episodes have a different cast and tell an autonomous story giving different perspectives on a future that does not seem to be that far away.

8. House of cards

The American series House of cards narrates the backstage of power by presenting a very realistic political drama to the public.

Ambition, betrayals, promiscuity, revenge and ethical issues are constantly raised by the series, which mainly highlights the problem of corruption in the United States.

The interesting characters, moved almost solely by the desire for power, make viewers question the real motivations of politicians.

9. Nothing orthodox

The Unorthodox series , produced by Netflix, stars Esther (also called Esty), a girl raised in an ultra-Orthodox community in New York.

Despite being educated to follow religious precepts and becoming a wife and mother, Esty does not identify with that universe and takes an opportunity to escape. It is in Berlin that she takes refuge and seeks to create a new story for herself.

The Netflix series was based on the autobiography of Deborah Feldman - an American bestseller - and has only four episodes.

Best Action Series

10. Casa de papel

The first Spanish series on this list tells us the story of a theft at the National Mint of Spain .

Altogether, eight thieves (ruled by the principal of the crime, the "Professor", who is outside), take a series of hostages when they invade the public building.

The idea of ​​the crime is to print notes, with the help of the hostages, and leave the Mint without hurting anyone. However, with the climate of tension between the assailants and the friction generated by the hostages, the plan begins to fail as well as expected.

Paper house has been a worldwide audience phenomenon and is already in its fourth season.

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