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By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 11 months ago 3 min read

Obviously a weekend known for amazing nerd experiences was in fact full of amazing nerd experiences and as this was my first SDCC I had a lot of emotional and fulfilling experiences. Though I have thoroughly recapped my time at San Diego Comic Con I wanted to share what some of my favorite moments from the weekend were.

First and foremost my favorite thing about the weekend was taking my father. He has been trying to get tickets for SDCC since its inception and we have been trying together for the last 10 years. It has been a very sad tradition (even when I was across the country) to sit on our separate computers and watch the con sell out day by day, unable to be allowed to purchase passes. So not only did I solidify my favorite child status by taking him but that spot is pretty much cemented forever. We got to go to lots of panels together and he supportive dadded so hard while I was networking I thought he was going to explode into a pile of Hawaiian shirts and dad jokes. We got to sing along to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode together which has always been one of our tightest bonding experiences so that was really awesome and a great way to end our first con experience.

My other favorite moment of the weekend was Felicia Day. I got to sit very close to the stage to see and hear one of the most inspirational women to me. I was the first to ask her a question that I almost got through without crying, she is everything I aspire to be and so to get to ask her about her work and honestly just be in the same room as her meant so much to me, I hope that one day I get to do a full interview with her, because she is such and amazing creator and I can only hope to be a fraction as wonderful as she is. She is truly the sweetest person. She stuck around after her panel to take selfies with people and I managed to snag one. I looked like a crazy person because I was unprepared and so excited.

Another incredible moment was finally seeing the McElroys live and in person. I have told this story 1000 times but last year (2022) my husband and I had access to passes for comic con as well as tickets to a MBMBAM and The Adventure Zone live show and then we got COVID and couldn’t go to any of the above. So to see the boys and Clint live, at comic con was the best kind of karma. And I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. They were as goofy and funny as ever. Apparently it's all Clint’s fault that radio died and writing for Sonic the Hedgehog has some very specific restrictions.

The coolest, and most professional fulfilling experience came on Saturday at the Creators Connection event. Being able to talk to established comic book creators and ask them questions was super helpful as well as just connecting with other people who want to do the same thing I do. I got to meet a lot of amazing writers and artists who are all super sweet and talented and we got to do this whole networking thing together.

I think the thing I enjoyed the most was finally going to this massive nerd event that I had always felt left out of. As well as just being around other nerds, it's always such a great experience. It's also so much more kind and welcoming then the internet spaces that we have to occupy most of the time. Everyone was so open and wonderful and there was no aggressive or gatekeepy energy and that was so refreshing, especially as a woman nerd.

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  • Mark Sams11 months ago

    Super Awesome Nerd event with My favorite child

Alexandrea CallaghanWritten by Alexandrea Callaghan

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