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SDCC Recap

Biggest Announcements

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 11 months ago 3 min read

SDCC was filled with lots of announcements which of course everyone who wasn’t there has heard about by now. But hearing it from the people actually granting us more nerd content was a truly wonderful experience. Plenty of things social media has already jumped on but I want no nerd left behind! So I just wanted to recap what I thought were the most important announcements from SDCC to make sure that all of my fellow nerds are caught up. From Felicia Day to Invincible we have a lot to talk about.

First things first; Invincible.

Let’s start off these announcements with one of the most popular new(ish) superhero shows, Invincible. We had a good 3 hours of Invincible announcements on Friday and truly there is something for everyone. Though the comic has concluded with no signs of it coming back the second season of the cartoon is set to release on November 3rd. It’s also been confirmed that season 3 is being worked on and the show shows no signs of slowing down.

In addition to the cartoon there are 2 tabletop games being released as well as an Atom Eve story game that will be available on Steam very soon. Though we were not given release dates for the more interactive parts of the franchise. There were also a few merch announcements and all of this “barely scratched the surface” according to Invincible creator Robert Kirkman.

And last but not least, I am hoping you all say that there is a special Atom Eve episode available on Prime video. It was also talked about that there might be some more of these special episodes headed our way not just for Atom Eve but for other supporting characters as well.

Next up Good Omens. Good Omens released the first episode of its second season on 7/26. There has already been talk of season 3 though nothing official has been released. I will be releasing a spoiler free review soon of the entire second season so stay tuned for that.

Now the thing I am personally the most excited for, Felicia Day’s Third Eye. She described it as her dream TV show but in audio format. This is a passion project that she has tried to get produced before but after it was rejected she found a new avenue. Audible gave her the opportunity to tell the story she has always wanted to tell. It will be released on Audible on October 5th. And it stars an incredible cast including Mrs. Day herself, Sean Astin, Niel Gaimen and so many more.

And last but not least the Women of Marvel hyped up Iman Vellani’s Ms. Marvel comic. That’s right for those of you didn’t already know Kamala Khan herself is writing the Ms. Marvel comic that introduces her to the Marvel universe as a mutant (undoubtedly because Iman also hated the change). Having the most comic book knowledgeable person in the MCU writing a comic is actually really freaking cool and I can’t wait until it's released (sometime in early August I believe).

SDCC was full of amazing announcements as you can see. All very very important to how I am personally spending the rest of my year. Really what this taught me is even without major studios clogging up Hall H at the convention there was still plenty to get excited about. Perhaps we could return to a time where San Diego Comic Con didn’t need studios present to be considered Nerd Mecca. I was lucky to go this year, and I much prefer it to be more geared toward industry professionals and aspiring industry professionals.

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