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Are they really the same?


Batman Vs Moon Knight has been an upcoming discussion. With the fact being that Moon Knight’s series coming soon enough. Many have referred to Moon Knight as Marvel’s Batman. However, those who know the story behind both of them. They will attest to the fact that they are different with only slight similarities. When we say slight we mean slight! Stretch would be more like it for lumping these two in the same comparison.

A more truer comparison would be that of Batman and Iron Man. As they share more similarities than Batman vs Moon Knight do. With their parents being killed while they were of younger ages. Not necessarily the same age. Nonetheless, still impactful on their lives. Where they both inherited their riches and companies from their fathers as well. Also using their intelligence and wealth to further their vigilante lives.

Since that’s not the comparison that is being thrown about at this time, we’ll revisit it later.


Batman’s story is one which is well known. One knight while out with his family they’re shot and killed during a robbery. Bruce Wayne, witnesses this all go down. The pain from witnessing his parents death drove him to battle his own demons. During an attempt to end his own life he realized that this was not the path his parents wanted for him. He instead made the conscious decision to fight a war against crime.

After fighting his demons and making the decision to fight a war on crime. He became obsessed with numerous things throughout his adolescence. In the end he was able to find an answer to one nagging question through it all. What was the deeper meaning behind his parents deaths. After using Irish mob connections he found his answer. It was just about the money. No deeper meaning whatsoever.

Once that fire is quashed he turns his sights on traveling the world to be trained by every master he can. From Martial arts to science his thirst for knowledge is unmatched. He goes as far as the Himalayas before his journey leads him ultimately back to Gotham. With many life lessons under his belt he is ready to take on the city’s corrupt ways.

Moon Knight

Marc Spector was born in Chicago after his father Elias fled from the Nazi invasion. Leaving Czeckloslovokia to live a different life he still was faced with scrutiny. Being raised on the poor side of Chicago served him no favors. As he grew up to find out that a close family friend was a murderer. Whilst dealing with the close Rabbi friend who murder’s Jews, which Marc is. He develops DID. (Dissociative Identity Disorder). The creation of said identities actually are useful later in his life.

Marc ended up joining the Marines. However, after three years his past caught up to him. His superiors caught notice of his behavior and ultimately kicked him out. Putting his skills to work he went to the CIA for work. Alongside many including his own brother Randall he proved fruitful. However, Randall ended up killing Marc’s girlfriend at the time, Lisa. All in efforts to cover a gun running scheme. Marc then retaliated by blowing him up with a grenade. Or so he thought.

He left the Cia and ultimately became a mercenary for hire. This led him on many missions including killing a South African President. Also led him to work for Raul Bushman. During a mission with Bushman Marc’s need to protect kicked in after Bushman killed an archeologist. In order to protect the daughter he fought Bushman but still was mortally wounded.

Left to die, he was taken to the tomb of Khonshu. Here he had a vision with Khonshu where he accepted him in to complete his work. After dealing with Bushman the second time and winning he left Egypt. He returned to the states and amassed a small fortune with his earnings from the marines and mercenary work. Allowing him to head up his war on crime. Using his Identities from the past to help him further his mission.

In conclusion

While yes they have both lived a tough life they have not lived the same life. Even though yes they are both “wealthy” later in life. Marc was poor and had to earn his wealth and invest it to go further. Whereas Bruce inherited his wealth and was always wealthy from the beginning. Taking away that aspect Moon Knight will still be Moon Knight. However, Batman will just be Bruce Wayne.

Furthermore, their trials and tribulations through life made them into who they are. Kindred in spirit maybe. Never more than that though. As their paths are different from the beginning and in the end. One allows there to be change. While the other ends it before there’s a chance of regression. I mean… Moon Knight also has a Egyptian God within him as well.

If a choice came down to it between a fight of the two of Batman vs Moon Knight. Moon Knight is more likely to beat out Batman. He will not give a second chance and his psychotic tendencies may win out in the end. Leaving Batman a pile in his own suit.

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