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Baby Reindeer Netflix Review: A Chilling, Horrifying Ride!

Baby Reindeer Review: Is Baby Reindeer actually a true story?

By Ayush VermaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Uff watched a web series named Baby Reindeer on Netflix, even though it has a baby in the name, but I would highly suggest that children stay away from this web series because of type of theme that this show puts in front of you and the things that it will explore in front of you are quite dangerous. After watching the show, those things will force you to think.

So, to watch this show, you have to watch a total of seven episodes whose length is around 30 to 35 minutes, and in these seven episodes, the story has been finished.

Now listen to the fun. The content of this series is inspired by real events; that is, whatever you will see in it has happened in real life.

Along with English, you will also get this show in Hindi, and to be honest, its Hindi dubbing is quite strong.

Now let me tell you an important point: please do not follow this series with your family because, along with many bad language, adult scenes are also seen.


There is a guy named Donny who is working in a bar. One day, he meets a girl whose name is Martha. She is a fat girl and calls herself a lawyer.

Then slowly, the interaction between Donny and Martha increases, and after some time, Donny realizes that Martha is stalking him, whether it is sleeping, eating, getting food taken out, going for a walk, taking a bath, going out, or entering the house. Martha starts stalking Donny at all these places.

And then, after this point, you will have to watch this series to know all the things that you will get to see in this show regarding a stocker.

Baby Reindeer Review

Before commenting on how the series is, I want to ask one thing to all of you: have you seen SRK's Darr film? If you have seen it, then you are going to get the same vibe here on this show.

The character of Martha feels a little inspired by SRK's character, but overall, if I had to comment on this series, I would just say that it has very mature content and is only for a mature audience.

Let me tell you that this series is not suitable for everyone, especially the mass audience. It is made for a classy audience and those who like to watch dramas based on real events. If you can tolerate the heavy conservation, then Baby Reindeer is the series that is made for you only.

Trust me, if you like watching mature content like there was a drama series released on Netflix last year called Beef, if you have watched it and enjoyed it, then definitely you should watch the Baby Reindeer series. I guarantee its content will entertain you a lot.

The theme that it explores in front of you has horror, chilling experience, tension, excitement, innocence, fear, awe, and forces you to think that if a girl like Martha comes into your life, then what would you do?

The things that this series puts forward regarding Stocker are not forced but tremendous; even the execution of its story is also very stylish.

Along with the drama, I would like to describe the performances of the actors as absolutely solid.


So overall, while concluding my words, I would like to tell you that if you like watching thriller dramas based on real events and you are interested in watching Stocker's stories, then definitely you should move towards this series.

You will not get to see action in it, but I am sure you will like the chilling, horrifying drama that has been shown.

Or if you like watching character-driven, mature content, then yes, this series is for you.

Try to catch the theme of this show; only then will you be able to feel its horror or drama.

Bye; see you soon.

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