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Adrishyam Web Series Review: Sorry Boss, Nothing New Here!

Adrishyam SonyLiv Review

By Ayush VermaPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Adrishyam Web Series Review

It seems that SonyLiv people are busy experimenting with something new because of their first show, Raisinghani vs. Raisinghani, and now their second web serial, Adrishyam, of which currently only two episodes have come out.

So what is my reaction to it? Come, let's know, and increase our shine.

So in the Adrishyam Web Series, things have been shown about the Indian intelligence agency, which works to stop terrorist activities, and suddenly they come to know that some big trouble is about to come, so whether they will be successful in stopping it or not remains to be seen in the show.

Currently, only two episodes have been released, and the duration of each one is 45 to 46 minutes.

Adrishyam Web Series Cast

  • Divyanka Tripathi as Parvati Sehgal
  • Eijaz Khan as Ravi Verma
  • Akshay Bhagat as Asha's Grandfather
  • Shyam Kishore as Nola
  • Swaroopa Ghosh as Ronjeeta Ray
  • Parag Chadha as Vikram Sehgal
  • Satish Badal as Satish IB officer
  • Tarun Anand as Prashant Nadkarni
  • Jitendra Kumar as Constable Gurucharan singh
  • Mir Sarwar as Afroz
  • Amit Anand Raut as Salim
  • V S Prince Ratan as Fighter
  • Sunit Razdan as Mirza
  • Shriya Jha
  • Zara Khan
  • Piyush Singh az ATS Officer
  • Chirag Mehra
  • Shivam Dwivedi as Shivam IB officer

Adrishyam SonyLiv Review

Now, if I define the review of the Adrishyam Web Series in one word, then average, i.e., many such movies and web series have already come into the market, and it seems that RDX is missing and there is going to be a big explosion. The characters will get some leads, and then they will progress further along the inquiry angle, catching and killing the terrorist, and then stopping a big explosion at the end.

Now we have seen something like this so many times that we feel bored by seeing the same type of content again and again.

My question to the makers is: how many times will you keep showing the same kind of story?

You people have rubbed the lamp so many times that now Jin will not come out for sure.

Well, some things are good, like the characters being grounded. In such movies or shows, the characters are of such extraordinary or superhero type that they do not make even the slightest mistake and they catch the terrorists in the blink of an eye, but in this series, there is no such filmy type of scenario.

Here there are completely grounded characters who have their own families; there are problems in the family; in the meantime, the characters are doing their work and they are not getting anything at all; they are working hard for the lead, so this is what I like about this series. Nothing happens suddenly.

Apart from this, the music of the show is okay, the production value is also okay, the work of the actors is good, we get to see Eijaz Khan or Divyanka Tripathi in both the lead roles and their acting is okay, although at some places their expressions go up and down.

The work of other actors is also average, not very special; nothing makes you go, "Wow."

Let me tell you, till now in this series I have not been hit by any such moment, which would make me say what a stuff man, yes, there might be in the future, but not at the moment. 

Listen further; the show adds a secular angle that doesn't fit. Also, the surprises and plot twists feel rushed and aren't very exciting. It's like they've already told us everything before the end.


Overall, Adrishyam seemed to me to be a very average kind of show till now in which there was nothing new. Now let's see whether we get to see anything like shock or surprise in the future or not.

Well, you will get to see this show on SonyLiv every Thursday or Friday at 8 p.m.

So what are your viewpoints regarding this show? Please share them with me.

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Comments (2)

  • Mammu Online3 months ago

    I have watched the episodes because of the Divyanka Tripathi

  • Ameer Bibi3 months ago

    That's very interesting and full of enjoyment excellent story

Ayush VermaWritten by Ayush Verma

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