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Baby Mama- a review

"She said she didn't want a baby for years but…"

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
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Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Romany Malco, Greg Kinnear, Dax Shepard, and Sigourney Weaver are part of the cast of Baby Mama.

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Youngest VP of her company. She's succeeding professionally but questions her personal life as she believed she would be the oldest mom at preschool. She is tormented by her desire to have a baby as a 37-year-old. She tried all methods but to no avail. Her mum calls Kate to be having "baby mania" and shouldn't get a black baby like the celebrities do. That was either racism or a jab at Caucasian celebrities who have ethnic children.

She said she didn't want a baby for years but woke up one day and felt every baby on the street was staring at her. Kate's shocked that her sister licked the mysterious thing on her son's hand when it could have been either chocolate or poop and so am I. She could've smelt it, right? Oscar draws similarities between his baby mamas and Kate's surrogate before saying there's no difference.

I had seen that this movie was the birth of the Tina Fey and Amy Poehler dynamic. I was not expecting the music video. This movie could be perceived in two ways. It could be seen as pure comedy or as belittling the process of surrogacy while comparing it to the concept of Baby mamas aligned by one of the sole black people present. Kate tries to say that there is a difference and it's strictly business but Oscar says, "You pay the bills, she have the baby. That's called a baby mama. You ask any black man in Philadelphia". He continues to refer to her as such and says that Kate has baby mama drama when Angie comes to Kate's after leaving Karl.

Barry talks about Kate being late for the first time. He says it's not like her. She is caring for Angie like she would care for a child and things are different for her(it questions her abilities with her recent development). I like the vulnerability and process of Surrogacy being shown (not fully but to an extent). In an interesting contrast, Rob tells Kate that she doesn't have to be married to have a kid which is true but not shameful as the usual baby mama tactics go. I like how Angie changed her attitude to please Rob and match Kate's persona. Huh. Well, Angie is a baby mama now but for Carl. She is all alone and trying to figure things out.

Rob had told Kate to enjoy the hard work of launching the new store saying it's her baby which is a nod to her professional life seemingly overshadowing her personal life. Kate is pregnant by Rob. Carl's co-parenting with Angie. She said they're still not together. So she is a baby mama. Kate and Rob show up with their baby to Stefani's first birthday party. Kate is also engaged as we see her and her child playing with the ring. Carl had said he would marry Angie if she was having a boy but she had a girl she called Stefani. She didn't even want to be with him after her time with Kate which she thanked her for and said that she helped her grow up. The movie also shows that there are no rules for pregnancy. You can have a child by any age, with any uterus shape or whatever else.

Carl and Angie argued consistently. He belittled her abilities and her worth so she confided in him only. He said she couldn't do this alone and that she and Kate were not real friends. The perception of surrogacy being scientifically strange was present as well. Some people don't appreciate or understand it as many prefer the traditional way but some people are open to it while others are forced to consider it as their last resort.

Originally written in my "Brief and not-so-Brief opinions: Part 5" article.

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