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Murder Mystery (1 & 2)- a review

"Everyone thinks they're amateurs but they prove themselves each time."

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
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Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Adeel Akhtar, John Kani, and Dany Boon are part of the cast of Netflix's Murder Mystery(1 & 2).

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Nick, a police officer and aspiring detective made a promise to his wife Audrey on their wedding day. With their forthcoming 15th-year wedding anniversary, she recalls this promise to go to Europe. They end up going but Audrey comes across an eccentric man called Charles who offers and succeeds to include them on his family boat. Taking this decision allows them to have numerous adventures as they strive to enjoy themselves, find the killer and clear their names.

In Murder Mystery, Nick said, "That's all three motives. Money, love, revenge.". Juan Carlos said he convinced Grace to tell Tobey to kill his dad and "destroy this sick family in the name of my father.". Vikram, the Maharajah lets us know early on that Juan Carlos's dad used to race for Malcolm but lost both his legs when his safety was overlooked. He wanted revenge and to avenge his father's name.

Nick says, "Okay. Do you have the fingerprint testing kit? 'Cause I didn't pack mine. Is it in your bag?". He jokes about the classic detective ways of forensics as Audrey says they should check for fingerprints on the note slid under their hotel room door.

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Audrey tells Suzi, "No matter what you do, you're not gonna be safe. I'm telling you. One murderer always double crosses the other murderer.". She tells her thinking she's a co-conspirator and will eventually be crossed based on the mystery books Audrey has read.

"It's never the butler who did it.", Audrey says as Nick tries to conclude her reading by saying the familiar mystery trope that the butler did it. She says, "The most obvious suspect is never, never the killer." as she believes people are more complicated than that À la Gone girl.

She tells Charles Cavendish that his name sounds right out of a mystery novel and after he asks what type of character he'd be she said a bad guy with a name like that. His name and her immediate judgment, just like the immediate judgement of the butler, prove he is a red herring and will not be a significant suspect.

Juan Carlos using the stereotype of not being able to speak English ties into Mira Troy's belief, "It's remarkable what can be done when people underestimate you.". Being the true mastermind behind Malcolm's murder, he's discovered before he said, "I've spoken English my whole life, you stupid idiots and a dozen other languages."

Murder Mystery 2

Image credit: Screenshot from Netflix on YouTube

The Spitz's are invited to the Maharajah's wedding and attend with caution only to realize he's been kidnapped during the celebration. They work to uncover his disappearance with familiar characters involved such as the Colonel, Inspector de la Croix, and the Maharajah. 

Fitz?? How random. Not another cheating claim, ha! They quit their jobs and went into business after the last movie? That's crazy, why would they-oh, they took exams never mind. They seem like an authentic couple-messy, supportive and beautiful all at the same time. I like their relationship. Wow, the Countess really doesn't like Americans which is kind of consistent with the first movie as Nick and Audrey were belittled as "the Americans" but were the heroes in both situations as Vik praised them ( "The heroes of Lake Como").

I like that Delacroix did not betray them and is actually their friend now. He seemed more personable in this. I knew that money would not be theirs truly, they should have gone straight to a bank or something but oh well. No one from the original gang died but are still friendly and are in touch with Audrey and Nick. Nick did an Indecent Proposal reference again. He spoke to Francisco about Audrey as he did to Charles in the first movie.

Again, Audrey references her hairdressing experience when speaking to a suspect (as she did in the first movie). They did the car-driving-position change again like they did at the end of the first movie. Delacroix still does his smoke rings like in the first movie and Nick still questions how he does it. I prefer this outfit reveal for their breakdown compared to the one in the first movie. Both are good but this is lovely. Audrey just loves experiences, I'm happy for her. Everyone thinks they're amateurs but they prove themselves each time. 

Again, the undervalued person is the real culprit or at least one of them. Crazy that they warn Imani right before she dies but Imani kills the Countess before saying 'triple cross'. Nick and Audrey reference the tropes mentioned in the first movie. I was wondering where I knew the helicopter pilot from, he looked familiar and I still thought so after watching couples retreat. I checked and realized that I knew him from Telemundo's Santa Diabla. Funny enough, I remember the Santiago character the most but his face still seemed familiar. I liked this movie, it's a good sequel as well. The movie's ending either leaves us optimistic (because they always find a way) or baits for a third movie.

Originally written in my "Murder Mystery 2 is coming out soon!" and "Brief and not-so-brief opinions: Part 2" articles.

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