‘Attack On Titan’ Season 4: The 10 Things To Expect In The Hit Anime's Final Season

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The acclaimed dark fantasy anime series promises a mind-blowing conclusion to its epic humanity-vs-Titans saga.

‘Attack On Titan’ Season 4: The 10 Things To Expect In The Hit Anime's Final Season
Official poster for the final season of 'Attack on Titan'. [Credit: Studio MAPPA]

Key new characters, new and improved Titans, and a shocking turn by a main protagonist. These are but a few things you can expect in Attack on Titan’s fourth and final season, due to debut in Fall 2020.

Based on artist-writer Hajime Isayama’s best-selling manga, which follows a remnant of humanity fighting for survival against terrifying human-eating giants called Titans, the popular dark fantasy anime series thrilled fans recently when it released a gritty, action-packed trailer for its final season.

The Studio MAPPA-produced trailer clearly indicates that viewers should brace themselves for much brutal war action on land, sea and air; a host of new characters; and, of course, vicious Titan-vs-Titan battles in the run-up to the series finale.

Just as the first three seasons–created wholly by Wit Studio–Season 4 appears to be on track to follow the manga rather faithfully, even though the latter is still in production. (In a TV interview, Isayama said he aims to complete it by end 2020.)

So, whether the anime will have the same ending as the manga, or has its own special climax, here are 10 things to expect in the fourth and final season of Attack on Titan. (Needless to say, spoilers ahead.)

10 Things To Expect In The 'Attack On Titan' Fourth And Final Season

1. Much Ado About Marley

Reiner Braun's family and hometown will be featured in Attack on Titan Season 4. [Credit: Studio MAPPA]

Set four years after Eren Yeager and company learnt that there is a world that exists beyond the walled cities of Paradis Island, Season 4 will focus much on Marley, the nation across the sea solely responsible for creating and sending Titans to devour exiled Eldians in Paradis. We will learn why the Marleyan government badly wants the Founding Titan power inherited by Eren; how their elite Warrior Unit grooms specially chosen Eldians to become potential Titan inheritors; and the motivations behind Zeke Yeager (Eren’s half-brother, a.k.a Beast Titan) and Reiner Braun (Armored Titan).

2. Key New Characters

Falco Grice, a key character in Attack on Titan's final season. [Credit: Studio MAPPA]

As many as eight new characters, mostly Marley-based and of Eldian descent, could be spotted in the Season 4 trailer. Key players include:

- Falco Grice, a Warrior candidate whose severe war injuries almost disqualified him from being a potential Titan inheritor;

- Gabi Braun, Falco’s fellow Warrior cadet, who is determined to become the next Armored Titan after her cousin Reiner;

- Pieck Finger, a fragile-looking Warrior whose alter ego is the Cart Titan;

The Cart Titan's human host, Pieck Finger, as seen in Attack on Titan Season 4. [Credit: Studio MAPPA]

- Porco Galliard, who inherits the Jaw Titan power from ex-Survey Corps scout Ymir after Reiner brought her back to Marley as a captive. Coincidentally, Ymir inherited the power when her Pure Titan ate Proco’s Warrior brother, Marcel, in Paradis;

- Yelena, a Marleyan soldier and fervent Zeke Yeager follower; and

- Willy Tybur, an influential Eldian noble whose family has owned the War Hammer Titan power for generations.

3. The Ninth Titan Cometh

The War Hammer Titan makes its debut in Attack on Titan's final season. [Credit: Studio MAPPA]

The War Hammer Titan, seen clad in a skin-tight white suit in the Season 4 trailer, is the last of the original Nine Titans to appear on Attack on Titan, the others being Founding Titan, Attack Titan, Armored Titan, Beast Titan, Cart Titan, Colossal Titan, Female Titan and Jaw Titan. This intelligent Titan has the ability to make weapons out of harden Titan flesh. When it battles Eren’s Attack Titan in Marley, its human host is revealed to be Willy Tybur’s younger sister (who oddly is not given a first name in the manga.)

4. Titans On Warpath

The Cart Titan in action in Attack on Titan Season 4. [Credit: Studio MAPPA]

Season 4 will hence have all Nine Titans in action – some with new hosts, others with new abilities. In the trailer, the Cart Titan is seen enhanced with heavy artillery on its back, while the Jaw Titan–which looks very different from Ymir’s gnarly version–chews up railway tracks like candy floss. Eren’s Attack/Founding Titan will inevitably take on a few Titans such as War Hammer, Beast and Armored. The Colossal Titan, which the resurrected Armin Arlert inherited from Bertholdt Hoover, will also get to strut his stuff. Not forgetting the common Pure Titans who are still a frightful sight, especially when they rained down from the sky in dozens.

5. Survey Corps Has A New Look

Mikasa Ackerman's new look in Attack on Titan's final season. [Credit: Studio MAPPA]

The thrill of seeing the gutsy Survey Corps squad flying through the air will still be intact as they take the fight to Marley. This time though, they will have modified weapons and maneuver gear, and super cool all-black uniforms. While Sasha Blouse and Connie Springer are easily recognizable in the trailer, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert and Jean Kirstein look quite different from when we last saw them in Season 3. But remember, they are also much older, battle-hardened soldiers now. Even Eren sadly has a ruffled, world-weary look about him.

6. Levi’s Heroics Continue

Levi Ackerman sees red in Attack on Titan Season 4. [Credit: Studio MAPPA]

Some anime fans felt that Levi Ackerman stole Eren’s limelight in Season 3, but there’s no denying the charisma of the tea-loving, germaphobic captain of the Survey Corps. Time and time again he has come to Paradis’ rescue, especially when it comes to slaying Titans big and small, and he’s also good at keeping his temperamental squad members in line. In Season 4, expect the highly-skilled, swashbuckling soldier to give all opponents of Paradis a good run for their money.

7. Eren Does A Daenerys

Eren Yeager in his Titan form in Attack on Titan Season 4. [Credit: Studio MAPPA]

In the HBO blockbuster series, Game of Thrones (which Isayama professed to be a huge fan of), there is a controversial moment in its final season when the beloved character of Daenerys Targaryen massacres thousands of innocent citizens in King’s Landing. After infiltrating Marley on his own without informing his Survey Corps mates, Eren does something similar. In his Titan form, he goes on a rampage at a crowded festival in Liberio, resulting in massive loss of civilian lives. His shocking action led to much debate among the faithful on whether Eren is now a villain or can he still be considered a hero (or anti-hero) as the saga progresses. Decide for yourself when the scenario, and Eren's other questionable actions, play out in the final season.

8. Problems Galore in Paradis

Eren Yeager aims to achieve freedom at all costs in Attack on Titan's final season. [Credit: Studio MAPPA]

As if an incomprehensible Eren-gone-rogue and Marley declaring war on Paradis aren’t bad enough, the Survey Corps–which suffers many casualties in the raid on Liberio–learnt that a rebel group, known as the Yeagerists, is rallying behind Eren as they believe only he can save them and form a new Eldian Empire. As Marley troops arrive for war, with a few of their Warriors having infiltrated vital Paradis factions, Commander Hange Zoe and the remaining loyal Scouts face endless problems as more and more enemies turn up in different guises in their home base.

9. The Mother of All Titans

Ymir Fritz, the First and Founding Titan, seen in a flashback in Attack on Titan's final season. [Credit: Studio MAPPA]

Season 4 will also provide us with the origin story of Ymir Fritz, the first person to become a Titan some 2,000 years ago and who, after her death, continues to be manipulated by Eldian king Fritz to give rise to the Nine Titans, as well as countless Pure Titans. During the war on Paradis, Eren meets the original Founding Titan when he finds himself in the Coordinate, a mystical realm where Ymir’s soul resides. A seemingly pitiful figure, Ymir is used as a pawn yet again as Eren and Zeke tussle for the divine right to “save” the world their way.

10. Female Titan Returns

Armin Ahlert finds solace with the crystallized Annie Leonhart in the final season of Attack on Titan. [Credit: Studio MAPPA]

Ever since she was captured by the Survey Corps at the end of Season 1, Annie Leonhart, a.k.a the Female Titan, remains a prisoner in Paradis, left in a comatose state within a crystallized case. A turn of events in Season 4 will see Annie recovering consciousness and participating in the Marley-vs-Paradis war. It will be good to see if Reiner and Bertholdt’s compatriot would fulfil her father’s wish of seeing her return home…

Attack on Titan’s first three seasons are streaming on Netflix, Crunchyroll and Funimation. The fourth and final season is due to roll out in Fall 2020. Attack on Titan: Chronicle, a compilation by Wit Studio of the first 59 episodes, will have a limited theatrical run from July 17, 2020.

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