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5 Must-See Michelle Yeoh Movies Besides 'Crazy Rich Asians'
7 days ago
She is renowned for her action roles but it is Michelle Yeoh's standout performance in Crazy Rich Asians that is generating Oscar buzz for the veteran actress. In the hit romantic comedy—the first Hol...
4 Movies that Cement Bruce Lee’s Status as a Martial Arts Icon
22 days ago
He was an action movie star like no other. He had charisma, great presence, and a unique fighting style which fans—both famous and non-famous alike—loved and craved to emulate. It took Bruce Lee just ...
'Game of Thrones': Who's Likely to Die in Season 8?
a month ago
As Game of Thrones fans know by now, the Emmy-winning HBO fantasy series has no qualms killing off popular and unpopular characters alike when one least expects it. Still, the death count in its seven...
Han Solo’s 15 Most Iconic Quotes from ‘Star Wars’
2 months ago
He’s a smuggler, a scoundrel, and a pilot who doesn’t take orders well. He’s also brash, cocky, and a bit rough round the edges. Yet to those who know and love him best, Han Solo is also “the good guy...
15 ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Locations You Need Not Be Crazy, Rich, or Asian to Visit
2 months ago
Crazy Rich Asians, based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Singapore-born Kevin Kwan, officially became the most successful Hollywood studio rom-com in nine years after grossing $117.3 mil...
‘The Gifted’ Season 2 to Feature New Villains, New Factions, and a Mutant Childbirth
3 months ago
Mutants with deadly agendas, a mutant baby born during turbulent times, family, lovers, and friends torn apart by different ideologies—these are but some of the challenges our Mutant Underground heroe...