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A Sunday Affair- a review

"You'll get over it, I promise you. I'm just a guy", hahahaha."

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
Image Credit: Screenshot from AfricaOnNetflix on YouTube

Dakore Akande, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Oris Erhuero, and Alexx Ekubo are part of the cast of Netflix's A Sunday Affair.

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Solid sisterhood set up spanning several years from childhood overlooking others including boys (so far). Lmao, they are celebrating a marriage in the background while Akin's marriage unravels even more. Happy Eunice came because Sam was becoming reluctant about sleeping with her. The entitlement is insane. "I'm done being tough" is so real. I can't, she's lost the battle already. Sorry, I can't get past Dakore's contact lens but they're nice.

If he's not lying about the cultural differences being what ruined his marriage, then I can see that happening. The way he crept into her heart, haha. To be honest, he didn't have to do too much. She said the reason she didn't like him and it was demystified (at least on his side) so there's no real reason she should still dislike him. The two ladies who attended the gallery event and insulted her continued at the sauna. They openly talked about her sleeping for success. Uche does not retaliate because Toyin talks her down and uplifts her but she traps the ladies in the sauna and increases the heat (she protects Uche). I love this look on Toyin, the green suits her.

He's tearing them apart! She lies to Uche about having already eaten and lies to him that it's just work. Let's see how this goes. She immediately rejects the new thing (oysters)after toasting to new things, haha. She admits to him that she lied because if she told Uche she'd be a hypocrite for telling her to always go for the more decent unmarried or uncomplicated guy but she was with him. She says she knows they were just one time (which they weren't) but that there's a girl code. He comforts her saying they haven't done anything(yet). She says she wants to though, so again, we'll see how all this goes.

Image Credit: Screenshot from AfricaOnNetflix on YouTube

Femi informs his brother Sunday of the reality of what's happening. He promises Femi that he'll end things with both of them that night. He practiced the 'it's not you, it's me' line on his way to see Uche haha. I kind of find it hard to believe that he has such a hard time breaking up with women. They said he's had other women before these girls and he's not getting contacted by any of them or anything. So?? or he cares about them and that's why it's hard? Sunday sees him leaving her building, recognizes him from the gallery and is visibly disgusted.

He tells her she deserves a lot more respect that the Sam guy gave her. He sees her and sees a woman that fights for what she wants. Akin or Sunday is trying and failing to break up with her. However, he succeeds. He's surprised at her reaction because he didn't think she liked him that much. Toyin confronts him after he doesn't answer her calls. Both are saddened and they decide to go clubbing. Toyin is not doing well. Akin tells Femi he's in love with both of them but can't shake one. He's in love with Uche. "You'll get over it, I promise you. I'm just a guy", hahahaha.

Toyin has stage 3 cervical cancer. Yikes, and she wants to be a mum. Oh, she can still fight it. Sunday tells her that stage 3 is not a death sentence. He says that his mother died of cancer when he was 10, she just gave up (after she said why should she fight it). She feels life dealt her a bad hand because despite her professional success nothing ever happens for her (no husband, children or life). I knew Sam was entitled talking about 'I bought you.' I'm so happy people keep saving her from this man. Oh, he's working?! This is hard to watch cause I actually feel bad for Uche.

The plot thickens. Toyin is pregnant but she has to choose between the treatment and the pregnancy. She's firm about this decision but despite wanting a baby forever, if she knew he didn't really love her, was with her best friend and probably didn't want a child from his initial reaction, she could have continued her treatment. However, she's acting in good faith to bring a child into the world and as she said it would be a child with the man she loves as well. I just realized he's still not divorced from his wife. Crazy.

Toyin passes away. Although you can't hear the pain from Uche, you can feel it. Akin comforts her. Oh, she knew? Wow. Well, she did admit that she kind of wanted to borrow some of the happiness and apologized…so, I guess. She gave them her blessing to be together. She said that Uche should be happy and take care of her daughter. Her written note would also allow Uche to freely be with him instead of feeling guilty. Also, she's the person who invested heavily in her art gallery. …and that's how it ended? From some comments under the trailer, I thought something else. I expected it to be sadder and more emotionally draining but it was alright. I was hoping we could hear the wife's point of view on her marriage to Sunday but oh well.

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