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A Day as Toni Topaz

Freaky Friday Moment with a Dash of Riverdale

By Mikyah HendersonPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Toni Topaz from the CW drama, Riverdale

“Watch out, it’s the Bride of Jack Skellington!”

That was one of many taunts that replayed in my mind as soon as got back home from another humiliating day at school. This time, it was more humiliating than the rest. Homecoming was this weekend and I was feeling very nervous because I was building up the courage to ask my crush Jordan Williams, the captain of the basketball team, to be my date. It sounded simple, until I was stopped by Bambi, the high school’s mean girl, and her sidekicks. “You really think Jordan wants to go with a skeleton like you?” Bambi said cackling alongside her friends. “She can find her date at the closest Party City!” One of her clueless sidekicks joked before they all walked away leaving me to hold my tears until I got home.

Now I was in my room tears streaming down my face while I put the gold sequined homecoming dress in the very back of my closet while taking sips of my Large sweetened iced tea mixed with Dr. Pepper and nibbling on fries which my grandmother had bought from McDonald’s in hope to cheer me up. Deep down I knew Bambi and her friends were right. Jordan was a popular basketball player and I was just a bookworm, so that combination was never going to happen. As I slumped on my bed thinking about what to possibly do in replace of not going to homecoming I started to admire the poster of Toni Topaz, a Riverdale character, on my ceiling. From her rose gold highlights to her punk mixed Serpent attire, Toni was the complete opposite of me. As my curfew drew closer and I got ready for bed, I wondered what life would be like if I was Toni Topaz? “I wish I could just wake up tomorrow and be Toni Topaz” I mumbled before letting the slumber kick in.

The next day I woke up to the sounds of RuPaul’s American which meant I have to get ready for another grueling day at school. Once I finished my breakfast and went into the bathroom, I took one look in the mirror and I screamed like I was in a Scream Queens episode. “What in the name of Morgan McMichael’s?” I exclaimed in shock horror. Toni Topaz was looking directly in my mirror! I had to pinch her to realize that I was Toni Topaz! How was my grandmother going to react? My teachers? The questions continued to swarm my mind as I finished my skincare routine and went straight to my wardrobe. The problem then was that when I opened my closet door, everything from v neck sweaters to a Hot Topic collaboration with Dolls Kill in my closet. Once I picked out a decent outfit I heard my grandmother call my name, which meant it was time to go to school. “Hurry up, Mikyah! You don’t want to be late again!” She yelled from the hallway keys in hand. So I took a deep breath and stood out in the hallway not knowing what her reaction could be. “Girl come on and hurry up it’s already quarter after!” My grandmother exclaimed unlocking the front door. Does she really think it’s me? Well then, I guess I should be okay from here. If my grandmother thinks I’m Toni, then there should be no problem at school.

Once my grandmother dropped me off and I walked into the building, I could notice that I had eyes on me from both teachers and students. The whispers of girls wondering where I got my outfit to guys wondering if I’m single, it was all brand new for me. But what I could say I enjoyed the most was the complete silent glares from Bambi and her goons. So I decided to stop in front of them and pull off my best Toni Topaz smirk, “What’s the matter, Bambi? You look like a deer in headlights.” I then strutted away from them and on to first period. Before I could make it to the door of the classroom, I was stopped by a male voice calling my name, and that voice belonged to Jordan Williams. “Mikyah, can I talk to you real quick?” Jordan asked slightly out of breath. “Uh, sure what’s up?” I asked leaning on the doorframe. “I was wondering if you could, ya know, be my date to homecoming.” Jordan asked. I was shocked at first, but I played it off and slowly walked towards him sensing his growing anxiety. “Sure, I was beginning to think I had to ask you.” I said and walked back into the classroom owning the environment. I have no idea what happened overnight, but I can definitely get used to life as Toni Topaz for a while.

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