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9 Things to Know About Silver Sable

by Zane Sanders 4 years ago in comics

Whether or not you believe this latest rumor, I thought it wise for us to educate ourselves as fans. I have to say, I have become a big fan and, if Sony does this right (with the assumed help of Marvel) it will be a big step for one of Marvel's leading ladies. So, who exactly is Silver Sable?

This has been a busy few weeks for Spider-Man: Homecoming, with the plethora of casting news (with little-to-no character reveals); however one of the most interesting rumors out is how, after Spider-Man: Homecoming, Sony is planning on building a Spider-Man universe, starting with Silver Sable. Whether or not you believe this latest rumor, I thought it wise for us to educate ourselves as fans. I have to say, I have become a big fan and, if Sony does this right (with the assumed help of Marvel) it will be a big step for one of Marvel's leading ladies. So, who exactly is Silver Sable?

Silver Sable's Origin

The short version is that after enduring much neglect by her family, Silver Sablinova learned of her father's career as a Nazi hunter and decided to follow in his footsteps, becoming one of the world's greatest mercenaries.

Created by Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz and Josef Rubinstein, Silver Sable's first appearance was in Amazing Spider-Man Issue #265. Since that introduction, her history is riddled with run-ins with our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, from battling him to fighting alongside him.

Silver Sable's Abilities

A natural leader and skilled martial artist, Silver Sable is a daunting opponent, skilled in hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship, sword fighting, as well as being an experienced gymnast. So, definitely not someone you'd want to get into a brawl with. While having no superpowers of her own, Sable has an unconquerable will which allows her to easily fight against any telepath that may attempt to mess with her mind. And she also knows seven languages, giving Black Widow a run for her money. Talk about the whole package!

Silver Sable's Costume

Like any good mercenary, Silver Sable is prepared for battle with a Kevlar lined, synthetic stretch fabric costume which is able to absorb the impact from a .45 caliber handgun. No need to dodge bullets with that! While her customary weapon of choice is a derringer, a katana, and several chais — weighted projectiles designed by Silver herself — she'll also use a stun gun if she's required to bring in a breathing opponent.

She's an Anti-hero

Despite often finding herself on both sides of the law, Silver Sable has gone to drastic measures to stay off of law enforcement's radar--even having plastic surgery to change her appearance (of course, that wouldn't keep Nick Fury off of her back). In her first comic appearance, Silver was in pursuit of a renown jewel thief known as the Black Fox, but the inadvertent actions of Spider-Man derailed her attempts to apprehend the devious crook. As you could imagine, that brought about a brutal head-to-head for the wall-crawler at the time; however, after that misunderstanding, Silver played a crucial role in saving Spider-Man (and Black Widow) from the Sinister Six in the Spider-Man event Ends Of The Earth. Yet, in another moment of heroic consequence, Silver teamed up with Misty Knight, Paladin, and Shroud to stop Daredevil's Hand ninjas after Matt Murdock built Shadowland in Hell's Kitchen.

The Wild Pack

Founded by Sable's absentee father, Ernst Sablinova, the Wild Pack is a team of mercenaries perhaps best known for their apprehension of international criminals, the repossession of stolen property, and bringing one-time Nazis to justice. When being led by Silver Sable, the team is normally comprised of mercenary soldiers; however, she would occasionally hire out superhuman operatives such as Spider-Man, the Sandman, Rocket Racer and the Prowler.

She's A Divorcee

Though she quickly turned against him after discovering his hand in the murder of her uncle, for a time Sable was married to the criminal, Foreigner. As seen in the above picture, Sable has flirted with Peter Parker in the past, having obvious feelings for him, but he was too committed to M.J. to pursue anything more than a friendship with her.

That Silver Hair

Silver Sable's hair turned silver after having her mother die in her arms during a Nazi terrorist attack. This was one of the most fundamental days for Sable as it was then that she dedicated herself to her father's profession of Nazi hunting, taking over the Wild Pack and starting Sable International with this one goal in mind.

Silver Sable Has Aliases

Although she is seen primarily as a mercenary and anti-hero, Silver Sable is the ruling monarch of Symkaria (a small country in the Balkans) and CEO of Silver Sable International where she provides security, recovers stolen property and apprehends criminals for the highest payer.

Heroes for Hire

Silver Sable once joined the Heroes for Hire after being recruited by Misty Knight to investigate demon-weapons dealers. During this, she was briefly possessed by one of the weapons and unable to drop it. Being the quick-witted merc she is, she finds a way to remove all the ammunition before handing it to the leader, Baron Brimstone, who is then transported to a demonic dimension.


Zane Sanders

An enneagram 5, prone to absquatulate when around crowds for too long. A lover of family, music, coffee, and Marvel movies, with a heart to help others better understand how to actively engage culture with intelligence and creativity.

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