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5 Ways to Expand Your 'Firefly' Universe

by Peter Carriveau 4 years ago in comics
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From 'Float Out' to 'No Power In the 'Verse,' the crew of 'Serenity's' story lives on.

A Collage of the Comic Covers for 'No Power in the 'Verse'

Firefly is a show that continues to live on with opportunities unexplored. There was the movie sequel, Serenity, that continued the story, but that was still not enough. Most folks who watched, were left with more questions than answers. Don't get me wrong, Serenity is in my top five movie list because of how great it is, but that was also the problem. The story was so engaging, and the action so gripping, that it needed to be told.

Well, that has yet to happen in movie format, but there are five different Firefly stories out there in comic form that contain the same rich narrative of the show. Some are side stories or background tales of old friends, and others are continuations of the story. So, if you can't get enough Firefly, then these books are for you. Also, here is a link to informative Wikipedia page that will give you some deeper knowledge related to storylines.

1. 'Float Out'

The death of Hoban "Wash" Washburne is a cinamatic moment that will live with Firefly fans forever. It was sudden, shocking, and took one of the most beloved characters of the series out of the conversation. Fans longing for more stories related to Wash will enjoy the collection presented in this one-shot comic. Revolving around three friends of Wash who show up to "bury him at sea," or float his body out into the inky depths of space, it contains anecdotes from before Wash was the pilot of Serenity. It also ends with an endearing, if sad, revelation from Zoe, the resident warrior of the Serenity that is also Wash's wife.

2. 'A Shepherds Tale'

Why speculate on the origin of Shepard Book when you can learn the truth in "A Shepherds Tale." One of the unexplained mysterious of the book was the fact that he was an excellent fighter, and a preacher of the good word. This contradiction never got to play itself out on screen, due to the unexpected and tragic cancellation of the series. This story covers the full spectrum of the interesting life that was Shepherd Book's.

3. 'Better Days'

When Serenity starts, viewers are instantly aware that two familiar faces are no longer on the crew—the aforementioned Shepherd Book and Inara Serra, registered companion and love interest of the good Captain himself. The love tension between Inara and Captain Malcom Reynolds was another plot line that was cut short in the show. Here it plays itself out more clearly. The backstory provided brings events taking place in Serenity into clearer focus, and gives a solid explanation as to the current state of the crew.

4. 'Leaves on the Wind'

All of the stories before this are based upon events that we see take place either in the show, or the movie about the crew of Serenity. With "Leaves on the Wind," you get a continuation of the story after the events of Serenity. Like most Firefly fans, this is what I was actually seeking when I started looking into the comic books. And what a continuation it is. You get to see the return of Jubal Early, a deeper explanation of what exactly happened to River Tam, and a look at where the crew is after the deaths of Wash and Shepherd.

5. 'No Power in the 'Verse'

The events of "Leaves on the Wind" do not in any way represent an end to the story of Malcom Reynolds and his crew of misfits. In fact, it only leaves more questions to be answered and answered they are in "No Power in the 'Verse." The Operative is back, but not in the way you think. It also goes on to show what it would be like to take on a whole squad of River Tam style, Alliance enhanced soldiers. There are forces that come into play that even the Operative fears. With all of the depth offered in this story, it still ends with the feeling that there is more to come.

What makes Firefly and Serenity so endearing is the fact that when Joss Whedon created the "'Verse," it was clear that he created something that he wanted to see grow and live for a long period of time. It is a setting filled with detail and depth that gives the reader or viewer, the type of experience that is so full and enjoyable that they can't help but get addicted. The comics have continued the story that everyone wanted to see fleshed out by the series. So, if you are a Firefly fanatic, these stories will give you the fix that you need. My favorite part about the continuing universe is that there is still a chance that a movie can be made. The crew is not dead and gone, but still pursuing its quest to take down the Alliance once and for all.


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