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4 Reasons Why 'An Absolutely Remarkable Thing' Is an Absolutely Remarkable Novel

“Just because you can’t imagine something doesn’t mean you can’t do it.” - Hank Green

By Coral EvergreenPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Fan Art Inspired by Hank Green's Debut Novel, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

Below are four things I particularly loved about Hank Green’s debut novel, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing, henceforth affectionately referred to as AART. WARNING: some may consider these thoughts to be mild spoilers, but I like to think of them more as pleasant samples of joy regarding the wonder that awaits when you finally check out AART on your own. Enjoy!

1.) Multiple Strong, Smart Female Characters in Positions of Leadership

We have April, a smart female protagonist who sets a beautiful example of how to be confident and outgoing and humble at the same time. We have a female President of the United States who openly acknowledges some of the unique challenges faced by women in politics. We have Maya, a female girlfriend of the protagonist who is incredibly intelligent and exceptional at solving puzzles. (I also appreciate Maya’s representation of diversity in the book, especially the part where she explains how she is tired of speaking for her race, something non-white people frequently experience in ways white people never do). We have Miranda, a female U.C. Berkeley Materials-Science Graduate who solves countless problems with ease and manages over 20 people successfully. (Her lack of confidence at times, despite her height, is something I’ve personally been able to relate to, and it was a relief to hear I am not alone). We also have Jennifer Putnam, a sharp and powerful female agent who answers to only herself.

I understand these female characters were written by a male author, but that doesn’t make them or their impact any less strong—I’m happy these characters exist and I'm enamored that they will be shared with anyone who reads or listens to this absolute treat of a book. May new generations of girls and women grow up with the idea that confident women in positions of power who are listened to and treated with respect is just the way things are supposed to be, because it's true.

2.) The Recognized Power of an Open Mind and a Loving Heart

AART acknowledges we are all good at certain things and we all have something good to offer to the world. No one knows everything, and everyone knows something. Even those in positions of power in this book continue to keep an open mind because they realize it is through cooperation and the sharing of ideas that we are the strongest, both as a species and as individuals.

3.) The Understanding that Sexuality Is Both Fluid and Unrelated to One's Awesomeness

April May is bisexual (thankful again for the diversity!) and her sexuality is one of the least interesting things about her, as it should be. AART successfully addresses many of the unique stigmas surrounding bisexuality in American culture through the lens of a character who has lived that experience. It was also refreshing to hear that Hank understands one's bisexuality is as out of their control as gay- or straightness and that all sexualities deserve to be respected equally.

4.) The power humans have when we choose to come together to solve a shared problem is a beautiful thing.

The reminder from AART that we are stronger together than we are apart has stuck with me. In 2018, it’s far too easy to feel isolated, alone, and “against the world,” or even worse, to feel as though the world is against us. AART reminds us that there are endless communities where we can reach out and find others with shared interests who are trying to make the world a better place. As always, I highly recommend the Vlogbrother’s YouTube community of Nerdfighters and their commitment to the annual “Project for Awesome” as a prime example of this.

Thank you, Hank Green, and thank you to everyone who helped you along the way. Your novel is fantastic, timely, inspiring, and powerful. I am one of many who loved it, and these were just some of the many reasons why.

If you haven’t already grabbed yourself a copy, you can do so here:


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