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Conquering the Fear of Expression Through Writing

Household chores are not the only appropriate venues through which women should express themselves.

By Coral EvergreenPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Take the leap. The world needs to hear your voice! 

Contrary to historical expectations and stereotypes, household chores are not the only appropriate venue through which women should express themselves.

Many women are so nervous about beginning the process of writing, they find themselves unable to pick up a pen or pull up to a keyboard. Although unfortunate, it is an understandable fear considering how society has tried for generations and continues to try to sculpt women into silent and oppressed beings. All women are creative and intelligent beings who should be encouraged to express themselves through writing.

Women need not underestimate themselves, nor be afraid of failure. By writing, you can explore any idea you wish, and you can go as far into previously uncharted territory as your imagination can take you. And failure is wonderful. Failure means you're trying new things, you're learning, and you're growing. Failure means you're human. Failure means you’re alive. Be thankful for failure. We have all fallen many times before learning to walk, and the same applies to attempting any new feat.

There always seems to be an infinite list of other things women believe they ought to be doing other than writing. Writing can feel like a selfish indulgence or a luxury. Writing can feel like something we are too busy for or something we don't feel like we deserve or have earned the time or space to do. There always have been and there always will be things women COULD be doing instead of writing, and this reality will never go away. Write anyway. Women have the responsibility to demolish the notion that they or their writing is not worth the time and energy it takes to sit and write. If we do not develop our voice thorough our writing, we do ourselves and everyone in our company in every imaginable situation, present and future, a severe disservice. If we do not develop our voice through our writing, our voice will deteriorate. We will slowly lose the ability to communicate effectively. Thought, memory, and vocabulary are all muscles that needs to be exercised like any other, or they will atrophy. Writing is like boot camp for your brain. If you show up and write, you will see results.

It is important for women all over the world to realize that investing time in her own writing is far from a waste of her time. Everybody's writing is unique to their experiences and unique to their individual interpretation of those experiences. Nobody else has shared all the exact same experiences you've had; hence your writing voice will be entirely unique to you.

Writing is an important and powerful tool available to all women to help them find their voice, and it is up to women themselves to act, take responsibility for their voice, and refuse to be silenced and prevented from writing by the pressures of society and everyday life.

Writing is an empowering undertaking which should not be feared; it should be encouraged. Developing your voice is worth the time and effort.

Despite where one writes, public or private, or what one chooses to write about, the significance of writing "just to write" is not to be overlooked. Keep a notepad and a pen in every room, including your bedside, the bathroom, the kitchen, and the car. Jot down your thoughts. Create stories. Develop ideas. Do research. Ask questions. Imagine. Write poetry. Write short stories. Write jokes. Write about your day. Write about your year. Write about your childhood. Write about your family. Write about your goals. Write about your relationships, past, present, and future. Write about your pets. Write about why you don't like to write. Write about trees. Write about whatever speaks to you, woman.

Write for yourself.

Write for your ancestors.



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Coral Evergreen

Wisconsin native, musician, and Nerdfighter. Loves people, animals, nature, and learning. 💙

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