10 Great Older Animated Series To Share With Your Kids While In Quarantine

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Time for some binge watching!

10 Great Older Animated Series To Share With Your Kids While In Quarantine

We're living in tough times, with many people and families choosing to enter voluntary isolation and quarantine to ward off the threat of COVID19.

On the upside, some people might use this as a time to relax and catch up on some TV. However, this could be difficult if you have kids in the house. Thankfully, once you've exhausted the kid's current favourites, there are plenty of older shows the whole family can enjoy.

Here are 10 great older series to share with your kids, or even revisit yourself, if you find yourself in isolation.

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender

For many people who grew up in the 90s or early 2000s, Avatar: The Last Airbender probably doesn't feel all that old, but the series is celebrating it's fifteenth anniversary this year. The series follows Aang, the final living Airbender, as well as the Avatar, a master of bending all four elements(Earth, Water, Fire, and Air). With help from a pair of Water Tribe siblings, Katara and Sokka, Aang sets out to master his abilities and fulfil his destiny of ending the Fire Lord's tyranny, hopefully bringing peace to the four Nations.

With a beautifully realised world and engaging characters, there's plenty in Avatar for both young and old to enjoy. This is probably a good one for slightly older kids ready to follow a longer story. If they enjoy it, you can move onto the sequel series, Legend Of Korra.

2. Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends

After his Mother orders him to give up his imaginary friend, Bloo, young Mac discovers Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. Foster's is a Home where lost, forgotten, or abandoned friends can live in safety until a new child adopts them. Mac strikes a deal with the Home's owner, Madame Foster: as long as he visits Bloo everyday, she will not put him up for adoption.

With fun plots and unique character designs, young kids should love Foster's, and there's enough clever jokes and references to hold the attention of adults and older kids as well.

3. Rugrats

Rugrats, following the adventures of Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Angelica, and later Baby Dil and Kimi, showed life from a baby's point of view. Many of the early episodes had Tommy and co simply causing chaos wherever they go, later episodes draw humour from the babies' misunderstandings, and occasional parodies.

Rugrats was ahead of it's time in many ways, incorporating important life lessons in a subtle way, and like Foster's, includes a few sneaky adult jokes for the 'growed-ups' watching. If the kids enjoy it, there's nine seasons, three movies, a spin-off, and two direct-to-video specials, this one could keep you going for a while.

4. The New Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh

As a much loved book character, Winnie The Pooh has been a part of children's entertainment since long before TVs were a regular fixture in the Home. With no new animated Pooh content having been produced for a number of years, now might be a good time to revisit some of the old stuff.

With all the lessons it holds, The New Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh is a particularly good choice for younger kids. However, Pooh Bear can be enjoyed at any age.

5. The Adventures Of Tintin

Based on Herge's classic comics, Nelvana's The Adventures Of Tintin animated series is a classic in it's own right. The series follows Tintin, a young reporter and adventurer, as he travels the world with his dog Snowy, and unlikely friend Captain Haddock, solving mysteries and thwarting criminals.

While the animation shows it's age, kids should easily get swept up in the adventure. If they enjoy it, you can also show them the 2011 Adventures Of Tintin movie.

6. Wacky Races

To be clear, we are referring to the original 1968 series, although the 2017 remake is also an option. Like it says in the title, each episode of Wacky Races has the characters engage in a car race that turns out a little crazier than intended, usually due to Dick Dastardly's attempts to cheat.

With short, funny episodes, Wacky Races is a great choice for kids with shorter attention spans, while the nostalgia factor should carry adults through a few episodes.

7. Digimon Adventure

The beginning of Summer Camp becomes an unexpected adventure for seven children when strange devices transport them to the Digital World. Once there, they are each paired up with a strange creature known as a Digimon, and learn they are the Digi-Destined. It is up to them to save the Digital World, and later, the real world as well.

Often unfairly compared to Pokemon when it was first released, many fans believe Digimon Adventure has a better story, potentially giving it greater re-watch value for anyone who may not have been old enough to appreciate such a story the first time around. With an updated remake of the series set to air later this year, it's a great time to revisit Digimon Adventure.

8. Hey Arnold!

A Nickelodeon staple of the 90s to early 2000s, Hey Arnold! focused on Arnold, a boy living in a Boarding House with his Grandparents, and Arnold's rather quirky friends. Arnold is often portrayed as being wise beyond his years, sometimes an almost sage like figure amongst his friends. Others, he is a regular fourth grader, but almost always, he just tries to do the right thing.

With important life lessons and heartwarming plots, Hey Arnold! has something for all ages to enjoy.

9. Darkwing Duck

By day, Drake Mallard is an average citizen, but by night he fights crime as Darkwing Duck! Drake's life becomes more complicated when he adopts an energetic orphan, Gosalyn, and must learn to balance his life as a superhero with his new responsibilities as a Father.

Darkwing Duck is a classic among Disney animated series. It has plenty of action and humour for the kids, while adults will likely be able to appreciate the show's parody elements more than they did the first time around.

10. Teen Titans

Young heroes Robin, Starfire, Beastboy, Cyborg, and Raven live and train together in the Titan's Tower. They work hard to prove themselves as the next generation of Superheroes as a string of increasingly evil villains try to bring them down.. And all this while also dealing with regular teenage problems.

Teen Titans did a great job at weaving individual light-hearted or character building episodes with season long story arcs. It might be a good choice for kids who love the Titans, but are ready to move on from the more recent series Teen Titans Go!, a series aimed at younger audiences. Be warned, however, that the original Teen Titans is, at some points, a lot darker than Go!

If we all take the right precautions and do the right thing to keep ourselves and others safe, things should calm down soon.

Happy viewing!

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