10 Disney Couples Proving True Love Does Exist

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10 Disney Couples Proving True Love Does Exist

I absolutely LOVE love. When movies make couples believable enough for you to root for their relationship and feel joy for them, you know it's good. Here are ten Disney couples that I ship from the bottom of my heart.

Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen

Starting out, both Tiana and Naveen has some things they need to learn about life, to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. During the time they share together, Tiana teaches Naveen to take more responsibility and respect the people around him, and he teaches her to be more laid back and make time for having fun. Through their experiences together they both realise that what had always seemed important to them wasn't what they needed, and being together is what makes them happy. They make a great couple, working together to achieve their dreams as a team.

Jack Skellington and Sally

In a world completely lacking anything cute or nice, these two still managed to find each other and realise they were "simply meant to be". Jack and Sally singing together on the curly hill is one of my favourite Disney moments out there, and even though neither of these two have beating hearts, they are hopeless romantics full of love. Sally shows throughout the movie that she will support Jack no matter what, as well as doing lovely gestures for him. This was just what the pumpkin king needed, as he no longer felt the emptiness he struggled with in the beginning of the movie. Also, as they are both already dead, they will probably get to be together for all eternity.

Robin Hood and Maid Marian

After being separated when Marian had moved away, their love story seems to have ended for good, as they both think the other has forgotten about them. Throughout their stories we see that they are both still thinking about each other, as Robin daydreams about Marian and she has his wanted poster in her room. When they are reunited, it immediately becomes clear that they still love each other deeply. When Robin is sentenced to death and Marian pleads for his life, Robin assures her that he isn't afraid to die, as he loves her more than life itself. Luckily, this love story has a happy ending.

Milo Thatch and Kida

I love this couple because Milo the linguist finally found someone with the same passion as himself, giving him someone to geek out with. He's constantly had to put up with people making fun of his interests and theories about Atlantis, and when he finally went on the expedition there he fell in love with none other than their princess. Kida and Milo make a great team as they share a mutual understanding of the world, and it's easy to see that they truly love each other and enjoy each other's company.

Carl and Ellie

I'm sorry, I know this is an emotional one, but I had to include this lovely couple from Up. Even after Ellie has passed away, Carl stops at nothing to fulfil the dream they had together, and risks everything he has to visit Paradise Falls. Even though they didn't get to carry out their plans together, they had a wonderful marriage, and their life and the love they had for each other was greater than any journey. Ellie left him the message "Thanks for the adventure - now go and have a new one!" in their album before she died, which is incredibly touching. Life doesn't turn out how you plan it to, but that's okay.

Aladdin and Jasmine

I believe that your personality should compliment the one of your partner, and that's definitely the case for these two. Jasmine and Aladdin bring different things to the table and teach each other to appreciate what you have, and make the most of your life. They met each other pretending to be someone else, and learned together that they are good enough and can be happy as who they are, without being afraid.

Pocahontas and John Smith

The most unlikely of couples are among the most romantic. Pocahontas is a Native American princess and John Smith is an explorer whose party is out to conquer new land at any cost. A wonderful perk of dating someone different to you is that they can give you new perspectives on things, something that very much applies to this couple. Pocahontas taught John Smith to respect nature and all the living beings in it, and he proved that she made the right choice in taking a risk by following her own path and believing in her destiny.

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider

Although these two started off as an unlikely couple, they definitely earned themselves a spot on this list. Flynn telling Rapunzel that she is his new dream, that she is more important than piles of gold and castles, is just precious. Everything he'd always thought he wanted became insignificant when he learned the value of finding someone to love, and who loves you back. They went through a crazy adventure together, but managed to stick by each other and come out as winners.

David and Nani

Lilo's older sister Nani and David are one of the most genuine Disney couples I can think of. Although Nani has a messy life and goes through a lot of hardship, David is more than willing to help her, and is also prepared to assist her in taking care of Lilo. He does anything he can to make her life easier and support her. This pure boy is a keeper, as he truly cares and wants to make them happy.

Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip

I know this isn't one of the relationships that grew from knowing each other a long time (other than meeting when Aurora was a baby), but the way they meet in the woods, singing Once Upon a Dream together, makes my heart warm and fuzzy. Imagine meeting the partner you had pictured in your dreams, the one you always wanted to share your life with... That's true romance in my eyes. Phillip is also a genuine knight in shining armour, as he will stop at nothing to make sure Aurora is safe. Come on, he even fought a dragon for her!

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