Six Sassy Disney Quotes to Appreciate

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A few of the cheeky comments Disney characters have gifted us with

Six Sassy Disney Quotes to Appreciate
Elsa from Disney's Frozen

Disney characters show a lot of sass and cheekiness through their movies, which I never fail to appreciate. Here are a selected few I've found extra amusing.

Napoleon and Lafayette - The Aristocats

These two very silly dogs deserve so much more attention than what they're currently receiving. They are only supporting characters in the movie, but they definitely add a lot to it. When we are first introduced to them, they are playing a game in which they attack passing cars. Napoleon instructs Lafayette to go for the tyres, which he isn't very happy about as he never gets the good parts. Napoleon proceeds to tell him that he outranks him, and therefore gets first pick, before delivering this line: "You can be replaced, you know." Can you imagine having one of your friends say something like that to you? This quote is hilarious and extremely under-appreciated.

Scar - The Lion King

One of the sassiest of them all, Scar doesn't say one single word without his sarcastic personality shining through. When he reveals his plan to take over the kingdom to the hyenas, they don't respond in the way he had hoped, as they don't share his intelligence. This leads him to say, "I'm surrounded by idiots." I often identify with this quote, especially living in such a big city. Whenever I have people pushing to get on the train before letting me get off, this exact line goes through my head.

Big Mama - The Fox and the Hound

"Listen good, Tod, 'cause it's either education or elimination." Brutally honest but necessary knowledge. Tod is a young fox cub who's all alone, and he needs to learn how to survive in this world. It's crucial for his survival that he pays attention, and Big Mama isn't about to sugar coat things, as that's not helpful. She wants Tod to be prepared for the great big world full of dangers, so he needs to hear the truth. Maybe we need more of this approach in real life?

Elsa - Frozen

One of the strong, independent female characters Disney has given us, Elsa is the queen of Arendelle. When her younger sister Anna asks for her blessing to marry Hans, a guest at Elsa's coronation party, Elsa has no plans to give it to her. She tells her sister straight that "You can't marry a man you just met!" which I appreciate even more as it can be taken as a joke on many of the earlier Disney princesses. This, of course, turns into an argument between the sisters, but I love that Elsa doesn't budge, and stands by her words.

Gaston - Beauty and the Beast

"I'd like to thank you all for coming to my wedding. First, I better go in there and propose to the girl." Of course, the only person with this kind of confidence is Gaston. Who else would organise a wedding before they've even asked if the person actually wants to marry them? Of course, this is a terrible thing to do, and Gaston is a narcissistic and delusional person, thinking he's the best thing that happened to this world. Still, it's a funny quote, especially considering how things worked out.

Ursula - The Little Mermaid

I think everyone expected to see this one on here. When Ursula tries to convince Ariel to give up her voice as payment to be turned into a human, she is hesitant as she believes she can't win Prince Eric over without talking to him. Of course, the sea witch knows exactly how to persuade the young and naive mermaid. Ursula's fabulous song Poor Unfortunate Souls is full of red flags and should have warned Ariel not to sign a contract with her, but the thought of being with the prince she's been fantasising about for so long is too tempting. Ursula telling her "Don't underestimate the importance of body language" probably helps too. I will always appreciate the little comments added to movies purely for entertaining the older members of the audience.

Those were six of the sassiest quotes I've heard in Disney movies. If you like my list, please give this article a heart!

Tone Breistrand
Tone Breistrand
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