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007 - On her Majesty's service since 1962

A look at the most famous spy in the world

By Aditya vermaPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
The spy who likes his Martini shaken not stirred

“The name’s Bond, James Bond”. Every movie lover must have heard this famous line at some point in his life. Why not we are talking about one of the most famous movie franchises of all time. James Bond movies are one of the best in spy action genre. What sets Bond apart from other rough-and-tumble heroes is his elegance. The man knows how to wear a tux, he knows cocktails ("shaken, not stirred"), and he certainly knows the art of seduction. It’s almost been 60 years since the first bond movie came out yet different actors portraying bond in their own style and manner had increased the popularity of franchise. Roger Moore is still regarded the best actor to portray bond till now however some critics might argue that.

This year the 25th bond film is going to release staring Daniel Craig in his final appearance as bond. Over the years not only bond films but actor portraying bond has also evolved. From tall brunette Sean corney to short blonde Daniel Craig. Bond’s sophistication comes in part from the character's creator, Ian Fleming, the former British naval intelligence officer who penned the Bond series of books on which the films are based, starting in 1953. James Bond is exemplified not just by how he holds a gun, but by how he gets his bespoke clothes tailored at Caviler Row, how he drives a hand-built sports car, knows how to make a perfect hard-boiled egg, and cares deeply about the best kind of jam to put on his morning toast. While we can't all be as smooth, Bond taps into our lust for the good life.

Eight different actors have played the character of James Bond over the ages, imbuing the spy with different moods, yet maintaining his essential character. Each of these actors, from Sean Connery, who originated the role, to Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and now Daniel Craig, has stayed true to Bond's inherent mix of toughness and class.

James bond and his girls

One thing that definitely stand out is, how bond’s character has been adapted in different time periods specially after the end of core war, while keeping its core character constant. The films have changed dramatically over that 50-year period," Cork said. "The Bond films went from being adventure-spy films, to being outright comedies in the 1970s, and then they transformed in the 1990s to make Bond relevant after the Cold War. Not only that from being a playboy womanizer to displaying emotions of love and remorse in Daniel Craig's bond, bond has evolved.

Bringing new things to the table has also been characteristic of bond movies. One of the hallmarks of James Bond is his love for high-tech gadgets. While lots of later film heroes have brandished futuristic guns and tricked-out cars, Bond started the trend. And at the time the character of Bond was created, technology wasn't nearly as popular or accepted as it is today. One of the things that was revolutionary about James Bond as a character was, he was the first true pop culture hero who embraced the power of technology”. In most science fiction at that time, technology was not to be trusted, not to be allowed in human hands.

There are lot of franchises where a single actor is portrayed by a single actor over a specific period of time like Iron man by Robert Downey junior or harry potter by Daniel Radcliff but there is something different about bond movies. Audience has been easily adaptable to new actors portraying bond and every new actor has surpassed the past one keeping the franchise and character popular.

Elements of Bond movies are so often rehashed in other films for a reason; it is timeless entertainment that has mass appeal for the foreseeable future. As we wait for the next bond movie to come be sure that 007 is here to stay.


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