WWE2K17: How (and When) to Use Weapons and Props

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WWE 2K17 to be one of 2K's better games, and knowing when to use weapons is critical.

WWE2K17: How (and When) to Use Weapons and Props

Fans of wrestling based video games will be happy to learn that WWE 2K17 is definitely one of the best 2K games out to date. Not only in the wrestling genre of videogames but 2K games in general. The 2K collection of games ranges from sports like basketball to football, all of which are extremely well rated games. So, when we consider WWE 2K17 to be one of 2K's better games, it's definitely saying something.

WWE 2K17 Has Biggest Roster Of Wrestlers To Date

Not only is WWE 2K17 is well rounded as a game overall, it also features one of the largest rosters of playable wrestlers. Roster sizes have always been the critique of many wresting based videogames but that doesn't appear to be the case with WWE 2K17. The game only begins with a few available characters but if you're willing to dole out a couple of bucks for an Accelerator pack then you can unlock every available character with the exception of DLC content.

While WWE 2K17 features a massive roster of characters that range from WWE Legends to today's trending stars, there's also an assortment of matches you can play through with every character. The combinations are endless and while most enjoy the average wrestling match, some players like to step up the intensity with hardcore style matches, namely matches that facilitate the use of weapons and / or props around the ring.

A fair selection of weapons can be found by searching under the ring apron. The weapon selection isn't massive but each cause a fair amount of damage to an opponent and make for entertaining spectacles if used with some intuition. The ring steps, barricade, and ringside announce table are all props that can be used as well.

For really skilled gamers, it's quite difficult to pull off but there's ways to use weapons and props to inflict intense damage on an opponent. Personally, i've found it quite entertaining to lay out a dizzy opponent on a table, climb to the top of a ladder to perform a stunning diving move on a character - you should try it.

Rules Matter, Change 'Em If You Don't Like Them

Another important piece of information to mind are the rules of a match because the use of a prop or a weapon can either result in disqualification or it may just win you the match.

Most match types have a specific set of rules, some of which make it possible to use weapons and props in a match without being disqualified. There are also rules that allow for the player to remain outside the ring for as long as they wish, if the player desires to use the props and weapons outside of the ring for an extended period of time.

If the countout setting is on, there's only a ten second duration of time for a player to be outside of the ring. When the countout setting is turned off on the other hand, that's when intensity of matches tends to pick up and players can use weapons and props at their leisure.

Choosing a Match With Weapons and Props

Something else you'll probably want to keep in the back of your mind if you possess a penchant for wrestling matches with the use of weapons / props is the type of match you select. Selecting a match type is important because it determines the availability of weapons and props to a player.

For example, a normal match type will have all the ringside props available, as well as a randomly selected weapon under the ring apron but nothing additional like a ladder or tables. Were a player to select a match like Extreme Rules or TLC then the player would have access to bulkier weapons like tables and ladders, some of the most effective weapons in the game. Although, use of weapons seem to end matches prematurely so you should be cautious of how often you inflict damage on your opponent with a weapon because it could end a match before it even begins

Even an amateur gamer would be able to pick up a weapon in WWE 2K17 and win matches solely by using a weapon so it's fair to say weapons do quite a substantial amount of damage to an opponent.

Last Man Standing Matches

Another excellent match type to consider for gamers who like weapon-heavy matches is the Last Man Standing matches, let me explain.

In Last Man Standing, both players can inflict enormous punishment on each other without worry of disqualification, sudden knockouts, or pins. The only way to win is to be the last man standing. So, the use of weapons doesn't necessarily have the same effect as they would in a match where knockouts are possible.

Weapons still cause the same amount of damage they would in any other match but a player can't use a weapon or prop to knockout an opponent. The point is be careful how you use weapons / props in the game unless you like quick, premature closes to wrestling match - in which case, go for the sledgehammer and it should only take you a few whacks to knockout an opponent cold.

Anyway, here are three more ways you can use weapons and props in WWE 2K17 that'll definitely be entertaining and probably help you win the match.

Set Up Weapons In The Ring To Inflict More Damage

Another way to use weapons / props in WWE 2K17 actually doesn't involve striking an opponent with them, weapons and props can also be set up around the ring to swing an opponent into them. The most useful way to set up a prop in a ring is to position a prop in the corner of the ring on the ringpost. A good example is placing a steel chair in the ringpost then using an Irish Whip to throw an opponent into the chair.

Hell in a Cell

The Hell In A Cell match type isn't filled with props or weapons but the match itself is a prop that can be used in the match. The usual ring is surrounded by a large metal cage that can be climbed on and used in two ways.

One way to use the metal cage is to climb up to the top and jump on to an unsuspecting opponent. Another way to use the cage requires that the player's opponent climb up to the top of the cage as well. If a player can succeed in this then they have an opportunity to interact with the cage in a very interesting way.

When two wrestlers are positioned in the middle of the cage and one performs a wrestling move that slams the opponent into the cage, they'll fall through, causing a significant amount of damage to them. This move won't end the match but it'll surely leave the opponent incapable of standing up for a few seconds.

Flaming Tables

Probably one of my favorite props to use in the game are the flaming tables. The tables are like the average wooden tables featured in wrestling video games but in WWE 2K17, the tables can be lit on fire for an extra effect.

Being able to use the flaming table is quite fun but it's difficult to pull off even for an experienced gamer like myself. Between keeping the opponent dazed and getting the table lit, a player still has to position their character and the opponent in front of the flaming table correctly. Otherwise, any wrestling move used will simply graze the table and the table will return to a resting position and you'll have to set it up again if you want to see the post-action replay that proceeds throwing a character through a flaming table.

How Do You Use Weapons In WWE 2K17?

Those were just some of the ways a player can use weapons and props in WWE 2K17. There are plenty of other ways to use weapons and props in the game. We can't fail to mention that Backstage matches take place in an environment that players can interact with him much more than with that of a normal ring.

The backstage area holds storage containers and walls, all of which can be used to batter your opponent with. The most effective manner to cause damage to an opponent in the backstage area is to interact with the surrounding props but you can also perform an Irish Wrip to thrown an opponent into a wall with substantial force.

Are there any other interesting ways to use weapons / props in WWE 2K17 that we failed to mention here? And have you done extremely entertaining with the props and weapons available in the game? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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