Will Konami’s New 'Metal Gear Survive' Survive Without Kojima?

Announced at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany, 'Metal Gear Survive' is the latest title to enter the franchise.

Will Konami’s New 'Metal Gear Survive' Survive Without Kojima?

Announced at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany, Metal Gear Survive is the latest title to enter the gaming scene, and the franchise as a whole. This will be the first Metal Gear game without Hideo Kojima being active in development in any way. He's been an active member of the franchise since 1987.

Metal Gear Survive will release next year on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

It was years ago we were introduced to a wondrous fictional world crafted delicately by writer, developer, and visionary himself. The world Kojima crafted was done so carefully. In his world the Cold War ignited into an ongoing war with PMCs (Private Military Companys). His world has run a story that spans 29 years, with 23 games, and over millions of copies sold to fans that hold the franchise close to their hearts.

So far, Kojima has been silent about the announcement of Metal Gear Survive.

After Kojima Left Konami, We Thought Metal Gear Solid 5 Was the Series' Swan Song

In recent years many may know of the controversies behind him, but also the fact Kojima and his studio titled Kojima productions have a new triple AAA title. His upcoming title is a major departure from what he has been known for in previous titles. Metal Gear Solid was a solute to our veterans, to those who are passionate about real-world struggles, but in a sci-fi struggle in the modern world.

In turn, many know the famed P.T. demo had been removed, but some found it re-downloadable with a move that could get you banned from PSN. However, it seems the company has decided they aren't done adding injury to insult with their newly announced Metal Gear Survive, which will not be continuing on with famed Hideo Kojima working on it.

Even more-so with the fact that Metal Gear Survive takes place shortly after the events of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, but in an alternate timeline.

Metal Gear Survive Takes Place After the Events of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes in an Alternate Timeline

The upcoming title also continues on using the ideology of survival, stealth, team work, and.... Well, cooperation with four other players. Yes, you read that right - four other players. This is something that even Hideo Kojima is avoiding at the moment with his take on pollution, loss, death, and life in Death Stranding.

The Metal Gear franchise has been known for its competitive elements with the success of Metal Gear Online, which focuses on a combat scenario between enemy forces, but within the Metal Gear universe. MGO (Metal Gear Online), has also been known to follow the series canonically for those whom are new to the franchise. This newest one isn't exactly something of tradition, but rather an ode to the horror genre that Konami has been known for. Alternatively, it is also something that should have been left to the Silent Hill franchise. Now the question at hand is going to be simple:

Without Kojima, How Will Metal Gear: Survive Survive?

As a fan of the series, having played it for 29 years, I've enjoyed many of the twists, the spins, the turns, and alternative plots that have been placed in each of Kojima's games. They've been weird, they've been far-fetched, and even the new enemies in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain titled "Cipher", a part of the group that has gone rogue named "XOF", takes a role in the happenings of Metal Gear Solid V as a whole. In the opening moments to the trailer for Metal Gear Survive shows off the Mother Base exploding as it had previously, in turn, we also see a portal open up that sucks one of the base's survivors in.

Within seconds? His survival begins as zombie like creatures begin to hunt him. Saved by a team of other survivors, their struggle begins to come real as the creatures begin to assault the world around them. The question to ask? What in the literal Hell is going on with this game? As a franchise that has captured the hearts of millions, and even lead to Kojima visiting a dead fan's home after losing a battle with cancer, the series has finally gone off the deep-end or so it seems.

With games like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare bringing zombies back constantly, one can only wonder where this will go, and how it will work out. What will the plot be, besides survival? Will XOF be apart of this? Is this "alternate" timeline a way for Konami to continue on without Hideo Kojima and his studios in the limelight? As fans below say it, and they said it best, this is Konami's attempt to keep a dead franchise alive.

The most important part of this game won't just be the over all appeal via graphics or gameplay, but it'll be the overall narrative. We know the setting is in a world that has been devastated by some form of outbreak. The Mother Base is in ruins, and players will be fighting against these monstrous creatures in cooperative stealth based missions. The idea is players will use this place as a hub to upgrade their gear, purchase new gear, set up and customize their characters to what they want - we can assume paid DLC will be a big part of this game.

For Konami's first Hideo Kojima-less game, they'll need to focus on what has worked in the past, what will work, but also the story elements that have made Metal Gear as a whole work. This means the cast will need to fit their respective roles, acknowledge past events, but also move on to their future events. If anything? It'll be surprising if Konami does this game right.

Via: Kotaku

Hopefully this shows they need to explain on why they aren't done with consoles as their president once said they were. Konami, the ball's in your court, and your opposition is now your fans. Just look below for that bit of information.

Now if Konami just knew what Made Metal Gear so unique and learn from that. Unfortunately, we must wait in fear to see what Metal Gear Survive brings to us.

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