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Top Nintendo 3DS LEGO Games

by Bjorn Bjornson 4 years ago in product review

Return to simpler, more comedic times with the top Nintendo 3DS LEGO Games.

For years now, the Lego video game series has infused classic stories with over the top humor and fun couch co-op. With new installments every year, and more features added, there seems to be no end in sight for this childish yet alluring franchise. Sometimes, when modern gaming culture becomes overly cluttered with in app purchases and loot, its nice to journey to the the most recognizable of worlds for some light hearted takes on our favorite legends. Thankfully, most of the lego series can be played on the go if you don't feel like a lego game is a good use of hard drive space on your console. And what better way to bolster your already stellar 3DS Library than with some classic stories? Here are the top Nintendo 3DS Lego Games.

Lego Jurassic World offers the player far more than just the title film. While most people can agree that the original trilogy peaked with its first installment, I will certainly not be complaining about their total inclusion in this game. In fact, I think a bit of lego slapstick humor is exactly what these prehistoric mishaps needed. There's something so comedically scary about a four-piece lego Dino chasing after you as you rush away in one of the jurassic park jeeps. This being a lego game, the player can take control of various characters from the franchise, but more notably, various dinosaurs. Nothing beats using Blue and Rexy to defeat the Indominus Rex, a battle that would have been far less entertaining if I only had a control of Owen. The game features voice recordings from the film as well as additional voices.

Marvels Avengers puts the player in the shiny shoes of Marvels best heroes through some of the biggest events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Setting this game apart from many other games in the series is the unique abilities possessed by each member of the team, from iron man's projectiles and flying to thors lightning hammer. There is a surprising amount of content to be found in Lego Marvel’s Avengers, spanning both main films with adventures from single character films in between. The game features voice recordings from the film as well as additional voices.

It's no easy task to convert three movies into one game. But seeing as chances are you no longer have access to the original Lord of the Rings action game adaptations, perhaps Lego can pull it off. It would seem almost impossible to deliver crafted, humorous, and accurate retellings of the most memorable battles of the series like the Mines of Moria, Helm’s Deep, and Pelennor Fields. Despite the many challenges, the game delivers a hilarious take on epic story of one of middle earth's darkest hours. Changing up gameplay is an inventory system and magic items, some unique to specific characters. The game features voice work from the original films with added voices.

Once you've poured through the Lego Lord of the Rings game, take a step back to a lighter time in middle earth, where 13 dwarves, a wizard, and a hobbit went on a quest to kill Smaug the dragon, and reclaim their homeland. Like in the films, different dwarfs have different specialties and must be used in certain situations to solves puzzles and build objects. The game carries over the building instructions feature from the Lego Movie as well. As has become the norm, the game takes voice clips from the films and adds additional voices where needed. Unfortunately, Lego The Hobbit only follows the events of the first two films, and there are no plans for the third to be adapted.

As if the Lego Lord of the Rings undertaking wasn't hard enough, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga moves through all six original films and delivers a fulfilling experience in each. Even more impressive when considering that this game came out in 2007. Six films, tons of missions either on foot with all the star wars characters, or inside the cockpit of your favorite ships, and not a single piece of dialogue. I think we can all agree that this change is an improvement on the prequels. Experience Anakin's transition to the dark side and redemption like never before. Head’s up, this game is for the DS. Thankfully the 3DS is backwards compatible. While its probably safe to assume that if you're choosing this Lego game over the newer ones, your probably not the youngest of gamers, I support your decision to play a classic!

With the Last Jedi’s imminent release, it seems a fitting time to relive the first adventure of Finn and Rey. The game kicks off with the battle of Endor from Return of the Jedi, and ends with Rey's confrontation with Luke. All your favorite Lego game abilities and concepts return with two notable additions to gameplay. Cover shooting has been implemented for blaster battles and Multi builds offer different choices of what to create using piles of bricks. Different builds can create different outcomes or paths. Like older Lego Star Wars games, flying missions, now much faster, offer a nice break from the ground action. The game uses voice clips from the original film with sound-alikes for added dialogue.

This is an oldie but certainly one of the most enjoyable of the lego experiences. The game spans the first four Pirates films, and replaces all of Jack Sparrows lines with mumbles and murmurs, making for even wackier interactions. Even funnier is Jack’s comically over the top walk translated to lego movement. All the best moments are here from the island escape to the Davy Jones Battle with just enough slapstick humor to keep you going through these intentionally less intense retellings.

No one could have known that the lego movie would kickstart a lego cinematic universe, a new series of actual legos, and a The Lego Movie Videogame, but I couldn't be happier that it did. Like the movie, we get to follow the misadventures of Emmet and Wyldstyle as they go up against the evil lord business. This also the only lego game on this list where all environments are made completely of Lego. Following some of the premises of the film, the game features regular builders and master builders. Regular builders need to find instructions to build certain objects while master builders only need to see objects in the environment and can build from there. Building which instruction is much more similar to actually building Lego’s and is an interesting addition to the lego game formula contributing to what makes it one of the Top Nintendo 3DS lego games. The game features voices from the film as well as additional voices.

product review

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