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Top 7 Features Of The Popular "Golden Ticket" Slot

These features are a must-know for casino lovers...

By Katie LeslovePublished 3 years ago 4 min read

If you have some knowledge of the casino environment, you surely know that slots represent the most diversified and lively game category. But also if you are new to the casino reality, you are anyway welcome to join our exploration through the best casino games of our times.

Not All Slots Are The Same Funny!

We've just mentioned above that slots are known to be a very dynamic kind of game. It's almost rare for passionate casino gamblers not to try a slot... at least once in their life. Probably, you won't find a game category with as many games as the slot pool can offer and this is also an extra reason why almost all gamblers end up trying these games sooner or later.

You may be a passionate poker player or the most skilled roulette player but it will come a day where you feel like trying your first slot. When that day comes, don't let it be a routine day - pick one of the best online operators with a large selection of online slots. On this point, you may have your doubts... after all, every slot looks exciting and some of them look also pretty similar. So, how can you pick the best slot and never regret it now on? Well, you may not know this but these games have both a paid and a free mode version which means you can spend a full day just trying as many games as you want before you decide what you want to put your money on!

For this article, we have picked a real golden ticket to fun gaming on - the famous "Golden Ticket Slot". This is a perfect choice for all gamblers who are just looking for something new, funny, lively, worth the play. Go ahead and let's discover what makes the "Golden Ticket" slot worth playing.

Game Review - "Golden Ticket" Slot

Nostalgic gamblers will certainly fall in love with the "Golden Ticket" slot, as this slot game is set in a whimsical circus. Its exciting graphics and sound will engage you completely. First and foremost, it's worth telling you that the "Golden Ticket" slot works a little differently than the average video slots and that's what makes it so interesting.

Below you can find the top best features of this game in a practical and simple overview:

1. Gameplay

The first difference that makes the "Golden Ticket" slot stand out in its game category is that the gameplay takes place in a 5x5 grid that is surrounded on both sides by a candy-striped multiplier.

2. Stake

Before you start selecting your reel (keep in mind we're talking about different reels than the average slots), you have to set your stake choosing from a minimum bet of 20 cents up to the largest bet of 40 dollars.

3. Aim

Once you're done with your stake, you are ready to click the "start" button and let the game take you into the exciting world of a typical once-upon-a-time circus. The aim is to collect as many circus-themed items as you can.

4. Symbols

You can match the items horizontally, diagonally, or vertically - each way gives you a prize. However, the slot starts with no wild symbols, you only have regular symbols. Start matching them and as you go you'll see winning combinations dropping down out of the reels of the game. At this point, one of the disappearing symbols is replaced by a wild item, which is the golden ticket item or, in other terms, the wild symbol of the game. Once the golden ticket dropped down, you are on the way for collecting successive wins as more wild symbols will continue dropping down, so you can get winning combinations of golden ticket items.

5. Multipliersmultipliers

Consider that every win brings you a prize that comes to add to the multiplier (check the left side of the reels). This is an aspect that makes the "Golden Ticket" slot be a very attractive game as you have the chance to skyrocket your winnings like never with another kind of slot. When no more wins are available, it's time for you to claim your prize.

6. Jackpot

The "Golden Ticket" slot comes with a jackpot, as well. If you can clear the entire grid while playing the main gameplay, you deserve the fabulous jackpot. With this slot, the jackpot gives you max. 40,000x your stake, just make some math!

7. The Golden Ticket Bonus Game

As the symbols disappear, the 5 letters belonging to the word "bonus" will come up hidden behind certain columns. All you have to do is to catch the letters to get the GoldenTicket Bonus Game. Once you've activated the bonus, you'll get in a shooting gallery screen where you have to match 4 or more bonus symbols. You'll be rewarded with as many extra rounds as many bonus symbols you can match.

As you can see, the "Golden Ticket" slot offers some interesting gameplay packed with an engaging graphics and cool circus theme that is pure fun to play. Who knows, perhaps you will be as lucky as Charlie Bucket when found the final golden ticket in the Wonka bar...


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