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All You Need to Know About Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Its Success

CS:GO will remain evergreen!

By Katie LeslovePublished 3 years ago 3 min read

CSGO is the latest entry that is played by the professional esports teams. It is amongst the most-watched esports across the world. Just like other popular games, it is a team-based online shooter. In this, the teams either defend or attack. To win the match, the attackers need to place the bomb, whereas the defender needs to stop them. Either side could win by eliminating the opposing team. To purchase weapons, the players receive the money in each round.

The money received by the players depends on their last match. How much every player has at the beginning of the round depends on different variables. In order to play the desired skill level, many people buy CSGO accounts. For fun, the players can jump in between the match in the casual mode. Whereas, in the competitive mode, a match can last up to 30 rounds. Each round is short so there is no need to worry. Moreover, the teams switch their roles halfway through the match so that every team gets the chance to defend or attack.

Emergence of CSGO

It is one of the successful as well the longest-running online multiplayer shooting games. This was a joint venture between the famous Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment that was released back in 2012. The game follows a specific format in which there are two teams i.e. terrorists and counter-terrorists. Moreover, there is a wide range of game modes like capture the flag, attack and defend, and team deathmatch. To climb up the ranks, the players would team up; battle, and pit themselves against the other teams.

How has CSGO been so Successful?

Like many other titles of Valve, CSGO can be labelled as a demanding as well as a highly technical game. The reasons behind its steep learning curve are complex mechanics and how they overlap to create rewarding and unique experiences. Mastering the start of every weapon type, mobile accuracy, and counter strafing is essential to successful matches.

All these things are treated as essential components to the toolkit of player and their balancing is also significant. Mentioning all these things might seem silly. However, you need not look far to see the games where the balance of things such as recoil as well as a movement takes the backseat to what looks the coolest. Giving reliable tools to the players so that they master and use them to do incredible things is all that makes Counter-Strike stand out.

The best thing is that the players can learn from other players by watching their streams as well as analysing their strategies. Moreover, many players buy CSGO accounts to play with different skill levels. Here are some facts that illustrate the success of CSGO

More than 1 Million Concurrent Players

In March 2020, it reached more than 1 million players concurrently. This helped the Steam to reach 20 million concurrent online users in its long history. At that time, CSGO was the most popular game.

Hosted Professional Esports Tournaments

In June 2020, there had been more than 4,950 professional CS: GO events and around 12,780 players won the cash prizes.

Valve Has Earned More than $1 Billion

Initially, Valve charged the players for downloading the game and earned money. In 2018 alone, the revenue stood at $414 million. However, later in 2018, it switched to a free-to-play model. Now, it earns all the money by charging for in-game extras that permits the players to unlock the new content and personalise the experience.

Apart from these, the CS: GO has become the fourth game in the Counter-strike series. The high skill ceiling, strong shooting mechanics, polished aesthetics, detailed maps, and exciting gameplay made it stand out. You can buy CSGO accounts to check these amazing features and play the game.


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