Top 10 Princess Maker 2 Endings

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And what makes them so great.

Top 10 Princess Maker 2 Endings
The Gods sending Olive to her adoptive father. 

Princess Maker 2 is a fun and sophisticated simulation game with many elements of RPG thrown in. Released on many platforms in the 1990s and successful enough to have both a Korean and Chinese translation. In 2016, Princess Maker Refine was released in English on Steam and since then, many people have rekindled their love for the game.

The premise is complicated but enduring. A retired knight is assigned a ten-year-old girl to look after by the gods and it is his duty to care for her until her 18th birthday. Her father's schedule and actions will determine the game's ending and the daughter's career choice.

Princess Maker 2 is like a canvas. You can raise your daughter to be anything that you want her to be. She could be an artist, a poet, a dancer, a princess, a woman of good or a woman of evil. She can marry who her heart desires or be tempted for a demon, a dragon, the butler, or even her adoptive father. She can go even higher than a princess, she could even be a Queen.

Even though the original version of Princess Maker 2 is available to play in English, there were some endings that couldn't be fully explored or enjoyed to text errors, however having earned all of the Steam achievements, I feel that I am confident to give my opinion on the best endings. Princess Maker 2 Refine is available to download on Steam and there's a Steam sale going on, so take advantage of it.

There are dozens of endings available, so it was hard to cut it down just to ten. For the sake of this article, I will refer to the daughter by her default name, Olive.

10. Arch Bishop

Olive is a gift from the heavens. She would no doubt be curious about God and the heavens that she was born in. Church work is the best way to boost faith and morality in this game even though the pay isn't good. When Olive takes over as Arch Bishop, it feels so fitting.

9. Crime Boss

Olive looks dangerous and mystifying in this. Needless to say, the gods dislike this, but it's nice to see Olive with some power. She just looks so badass.

8. Countess

In this ending, Olive marries a count. The ending art pays tribrute to Anne Of Cleves, the fourth wife of Henry VIII.

7. Bondage Queen

A very sinful ending, but Olive looks very happy in this role. I love the art to this one and her clothes look awesome. P.S. Gods, stop kink shaming my daughter.

6. Court Magician

This is the ending I get quite a lot. I love her dress in the ending and I feel like Olive is really in her comfort zone in this. Even when she's not a princess in this ending, she still feels happy.

5. Hero Magician

She follows in her adoptive father's footsteps, but she chooses to equip magic by her side. This ending seems perfect with the dragon marriage ending. She can travel with a dragon whilst saving the world: how awesome is that?

4. Hero Warrior

This one is similar to the Hero Magician ending only she fully follows in her father's footsteps. We see the generals offer her high positions in the kingdoms but she declines and chooses to follow her path. Easily one of the best endings in the game in my opinion.

3. Writer

An easy ending to get if you do a lot of poetry classes and have high art skill. Some people would consider this a poor ending, but not me. As a writer myself, I think this ending is wonderful. She can also marry the prince in this ending, so she can be Olive: the writing princess. Pretty cool!

2. Princess Of Darkness

The ultimate bad ending. It gives you the lowest score in the game, but this bad ending is also one of the most popular endings of the game. She defeats the demon king but at a terrible price becomes his successor. The ending is easy to get if you raise her fighting and magic reputations over 200 and have a sin over 500. I love this ending because you also get to learn more about the the world.

"Heaven is the land of order. Hell is the land of Chaos. The world of mortals, (earth) mixes both."

Also Olive looks so wonderfully bad-ass as the Princess of Darkness. You achieve your goal to be a princess and not only that have an army of demon to your disposal and can control Hell.

1. Queen Regent

Because why be the princess, when you can be the Queen?


Special Mention: Farmer's Wife

I know this isn't the best ending for the game, but I think this ending is so cute. She may not be a lavish queen or princess or be very rich, but you can see that Olive is very happily married with a child.

Chloe Gilholy
Chloe Gilholy
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