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There’s Only One Way to Increase Tarkov’s Performance

And you're not going to like it. Neither is your wallet...

By JirasuPublished about a month ago 5 min read

There aren’t many games like Tarkov out there. It requires not just a lot out of you, the player, but also the equipment you are running, especially your PC. This game has had its fair share of performance issues over the years. And to be brutally honest, it still does. As the scope of the game has gotten bigger, and BSG’s ambitions with the game grew alongside that, so too did the requirements necessary to run the game effectively. The older maps and locations around Tarkov are mostly optimized, but Streets is still the main problem out of all the maps in the game. The sheer size of the map compounded with the fact it has already gotten one expansion and there are plans for at least one more, means the map is just so large and filled with items that most PCs are going to struggle playing it. Even offline raids with no AI scavs spawning in, the map doesn’t perform well.

To be transparent I am not the most versed in PC parts, upgrades, and how to min/max what you have to get the most bang for your buck. I don’t even know how to overclock. So, there isn’t going to be a lot of concrete science behind what I say. More so just conjecture on my part and what I have experienced over the years of playing this game. Now, here’s the reality of the situation: there is only so much modifying your graphics settings will yield in terms of improving how Tarkov as a game runs. Sure, there are a couple of in-game settings and a few outside the game that can help. The only real setting that will drastically either give you or take away frames is resampling. However, that comes at the cost of obliterating how your game looks but down or supersampling. To be fair, if your system can support Nvidia DLSS or AMD FSR, these options can help give back some frames to your game. I don’t know exactly how they work and I’m sure there are some wonderful videos on YouTube about these features and how they work, from what I understand, these settings down scale the quality of your game and then use algorithms to help fill in the gaps where your lower settings won’t be able to, thus having your game visually meet somewhere in the middle but perform much better than if you were to run the game natively. But the brutally honest truth is that if you want to have Streets of Tarkov run at 100 frames or higher, you need to spend a lot of money on a very powerful computer. Which sucks and it simply shouldn’t be that way because it feels gross to have to spend thousands of dollars on a PC to get a single game working the way it should. Even with a Nvidia GTX 3060, 32GB of DDR4 ram, and an i7 11700f processor, the game has its moments where it doesn’t want to cooperate. Compound that with using a monitor that requires me to run v-sync at 60hz to prevent screen tearing, and you have times where Tarkov and other games don’t want to play nicely. Nevertheless, if you play Tarkov and have moments where it begins to chug, don’t worry. It’s not just you.

Performance issues are not surprising though. Like I said, Tarkov is an unoptimized mess in the grand scheme of things. And it’s sadly been this way since day one. I can’t recall a time where the game wasn’t in a state of feeling disheveled. But to be fair, for all its faults and how poorly it can run, the game itself when you run decent settings is gorgeous. The gun models are absolutely pristine, and just walking around the world is a treat (at least when the weather is cooperating). It’s not an ugly game by any stretch, and it’s part of the reason why regardless of how a map will perform, I always have my textures set to high. This goes for every game, not just Tarkov. The last thing I want to stare at is a sloppy, messy, ugly graphic on my screen for potentially hundreds of hours. Like, I’ve seen people play Apex legends with low settings, and it’s actually disgusting. Plus, that ruins the experience for anyone watching because their view of the game is either from a stream or a video, so it looks even worse for them than it does for you. At least you’re getting the source video. But for everyone else, if you can, at least run your game on medium settings. Your viewers will thank you.

But yeah, sadly there is no magical formula or array of settings to get 100 more frames in Tarkov. Again, you have some options, but you need to first make sure your rig has parts that are compatible to begin using them, and then play around with either down or super sampling to fit your needs. Or perhaps DLSS/FSR can bridge the gap, so your experience isn’t as toxic. In case anyone is curious, here are what my settings are in Tarkov. Nothing special, and most of the options are just turned off. But my game looks pretty decent. My biggest complaint is the amount of tearing and flickering edges of objects in the world have at a distance. That can be fixed by adjusting the anti-aliasing option in the settings, but I’ve messed with it tons and have found this current setup to be the lesser of all the demons. At this point I would probably need better hardware to lower how much I see this in-game. But if you’d like a video going over specifically Tarkov’s settings and actually learning what they mean and how they work, I still years later refer to Veritas’ video going over all the settings in Tarkov and how much of a direct impact that have on game performance. I’ll leave a link in the description if you’d like to watch it yourself. Thank you very much for taking the time out of your day to watch this video, be sure to leave a comment down below about your settings and/or experiences messing around with Tarkov’s settings and be sure to subscribe for more videos about how this game may or may not ever be truly optimized to a point where most people can run it with little to no issues. I hope to see you in future ones.

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