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The Wild Ride of UFC Champ Sean Strickland: A Rollercoaster Life in and Out of the Octagon

A Rollercoaster Life in and Out of the Octagon

By monaPublished 4 months ago 3 min read


Meet Sean Strickland, the UFC middleweight champion known for his controversial antics both inside and outside the cage. At 32, Strickland has carved out a niche as the sport's most polarizing character, with a knack for making headlines that often overshadow his achievements in the octagon. As we delve into the flashpoints of Strickland's wild life and career, buckle up for a rollercoaster ride through felony charges, crowd scraps, press conference tirades, and more.

Escaping Prison Time at 18

Strickland's journey to the top of the UFC wasn't a smooth one. At the tender age of 18, he found himself facing felony charges for assault with a deadly weapon. His weapon? Well, according to Strickland, it was just his fists. Facing the possibility of three years behind bars, he shared his jail experience, recounting encounters with white supremacists and the challenges he faced in the harsh environment. Ultimately, he dodged a bullet and avoided a lengthy prison sentence.

Fighting - and Biting - His Rival in a Crowd Scrap

Fast forward to UFC 296 in Las Vegas, where Strickland's feud with opponent Du Plessis reached a boiling point. A press conference clash spilled into a wild scuffle at the crowd, with Dana White admitting fault in their seating arrangement. Strickland, always one for the dramatics, claimed he might have shot Du Plessis if he had a gun and even confessed to attempting a bite during the brawl. Threats were exchanged, and Strickland warned of potential consequences if his traumatic childhood was brought up again.

'Almost Killing Someone' in California

In a shocking revelation, Strickland shared an incident from two years ago in California where he resisted the urge to shoot someone who had pointed a shotgun at his head. Reflecting on the situation, he detailed the internal struggle of contemplating the legal consequences and decided to walk away. A brush with a potentially fatal outcome that adds another layer to the enigma that is Sean Strickland.

Offensive Press Conference Tirades

Controversy seems to follow Strickland like a shadow, especially during press conferences. Sexism, homophobia, and racially charged comments have been part of his media appearances, drawing attention and criticism alike. Strickland's provocative statements often leave a sour taste, but the question remains – is he playing a character or revealing his true beliefs?

Holding a Trespasser at Gunpoint

Last November, Strickland played the role of a vigilante when he held a trespasser at gunpoint on his property. Discovering that the intruder had allegedly assaulted a girl and fled from security, Strickland took matters into his own hands. A snapshot from his Ring doorbell camera captured the intense moment when he confronted the trespasser, showcasing a side of Strickland that goes beyond the realm of the octagon.

Punching a Fan on Bondi

Before a major fight in Australia, Strickland found himself in hot water at Bondi Junction. A fan approached him, taunting about his upcoming bout with Adesanya, and Strickland responded with a swift punch to the guts. Admitting to the assault, he justified his actions, making it clear that running one's mouth could lead to a Strickland smackdown. Dana White acknowledged the incident, vowing to keep a closer eye on Strickland's actions outside the octagon.


Sean Strickland's journey to becoming the UFC middleweight champion is undeniably tumultuous. From escaping felony charges to engaging in crowd scraps, his life story reads like a script from a Hollywood blockbuster. While his controversial comments and actions raise eyebrows, Strickland remains a force to be reckoned with in the MMA world. As he prepares for UFC 297 in Toronto, the spotlight on Strickland intensifies, leaving fans wondering what the unpredictable fighter will do next. Love him or hate him, Sean Strickland's story is far from over.


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