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The Ghost Tour - All Seven Locations

by Nancy D 2 years ago in walkthrough
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This walk-through is for the Ghost Tour task in the game Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem the 33rd game in the Nancy Drew series. In this walk-through I will help with first explain the task and how to start it. Then I will briefly go over FAQ. Most importantly, I will explain how to get to each raven post and I even show a photo of all 7 locations. I hope this helps!

Starting the Ghost Tour

To start the tour you first need to get your ticket from Teegan (Deirdre's Mom). She is working in the Museum, all you have to do is talk to her and ho through the dialogue. Go back to town square and give the ticket to Olivia Ravencroft, she will give you a tablet. If you click on the tablet you will get a checklist for all 7 locations. You have to find each one to continue the story. On the tablet it says the Raven is your guide. All this really means is to find the white raven logo to know you are in the right spot.

Unfortunately, you don't get to go to a cool new location for each part of the ghost tour ... you just unlock the sound of Ravencroft talking while giving the supposed tour ... through a tablet. Not your traditional ghost tour.


How do I give the ticket to Olivia Ravencroft?

You have to right click the ticket from the bottom of your screen. Then once your cursor turns into an icon image of a ticket you click on Olivia. I know, it seems oddly specific.

I found the Raven Logo but I can't get the voice clip to activate.

It took me a bit to figure this out too. Just like the ticket, you have to right click the tablet from the bottom of your screen then once your cursor turns into an icon image of a tablet you click on the raven logo.

I found them all, now what?

Once you find them all Deirdre will say that she is tired. Head back to her car so you can go back to her house.

The Seven Locations

As you know there are toal of 7 locations. All seven of them are in Town Square. There are 4 in the graveyard, 2 in the Museum and 1 outside by the sinkhole.

In the Graveyard

1. 'Un-Marked Graves'

Don't worry, this one is easy to find. It's in the centre of the graveyard and the statue itself is hard to miss. However, the raven symbol is just below view so don't forget to click the right button on your mouse to roatate your view.

2. 'Judge Hawthorne's Grave'

When you first enter the cemetery, turn left and follow the path. The grave stone will be on your right.

3. 'Little Liberty Statue'

4. 'Hathorne House'

Another very easy one to find. It's at the far end of the graveyard from where you first enter. Don't worry, you get to see the Hathorne house later in the game.

In the Museum

5. 'The Puritan Statue'

As soon as you enter the museum The Puritan statue will be just in fron of you. While in the museum don't forget to get the next raven to your right.

6. 'Accused Witches Memorial'

For some reason this one was the hardest one for me to find. I think it may just because I thought I was looking for a statue.

Anyway, this one has easy instructions to follow. Just enter the museum take a step forward then turn right,


7. 'Salem Sinkholes'

When you exit City Hall take a few steps forward then turn left. The symbol is hidden behind the road closed sign so don't forget to click-right on you mouse to rotate your view.

Fun Info about Salem Massachusetts!

If you inspired by what you learned in this game and want to go on a real Ghost Tour in Salem. Then I have some good news for you, you can! There is even a real memorial for all those accused by the Witch Trials.


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