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The Boys

by Arica Webb 14 days ago in vr

Comedy With A Twang of Dark Humor

This video is one that I mention later on and is one of my all time favorites.

Everybody likes to have a good laugh every now and again right?

That's when we pull up our Netflix or Hulu apps and search for our favorite comedians and watch them for an hour at a time, maybe even more. Now here are some comedians that you may or may not have heard of and I honestly feel bad for you if you haven't because these guys are my favorite.

JoshDub Juicy MULLY Narrator Eddie

These five youtubers make hilarious VR videos. They tend to make jokes that are a little on the dark humor side and by a little I mean a lot. They tend to make a lot of different collabs and sometimes when they will say in their video that one of them has messed up their skit I literally feel like they're joking because most of what they say feels like it's directly made up on the spot.

Most of my favorite videos that they make are the brush videos. Sometimes they mascarade as baby brushes at daycare and I have to say it makes me laugh every time I watch it. Mully has a video on his page that is called Day Care is Cancelled and it is my go to video. I don't have the slightest bit of clue why he can play a crack addict so well, but boy oh boy does he play it hilariously. They are always so funny and even when I'm upset or depressed they always seem to make me laugh and smile.

Comedians come in all shapes and sizes, that even means on YouTube.

Each one of the boys brings something unique and funny to the table and it's just amazing. Josh bring the fun uncle vibes, Mully brings the crazy crack addict, Juicy brings the adorable baby brush to the table (he brings his inner little kid out and it is adorably yet hilarious at the same time.) Eddie brings out the funny Mexican when he speaks Spanish. It really makes me wish I learned it so I could understand what he's saying but I thought band was more important. And last but not least we have Narrator. Narrator can do a bunch of different funny voices and it's great. His name fits him because once you hear him speak in character you will definitely want him to narrate your entire life until you die and even in the after life. His voice is just that good.

And these guys don't have just brush videos they have other things like VR horror and a bunch of different other genres if stuff. On their "The Boys" channel they have them trying different food, reading fanfictions of themselves and so much more! They have too much content for to not like them. They cover so many different bases of comedy. They've even done the popular game "Among Us". I haven't seen all of their videos of the game but what I've seen is just hilarious.

The first person I discovered was Eddie. I didn't really discover him my sister showed me one of his horror VR videos and I gotta say I was hooked from there. Then came Josh. Then from Josh came Mully, Juicy and Narrator. So for me Eddie kinda kick started my interest in the boys.

Then not too long after they added in some more people like ReeKid and Smashing.

I gotta say that Smashing is my hands down second favorite (Juicy being my first favorite). Between his retardation (I know that's a mean word but like once you see smashing that all makes sense) and his insane obsession with Goofy Grape it just takes the cake. He's an amazing character and some of the things he says (or anyone says as a matter of fact) will have you pausing the video and on the floor in an uncontrollable fit of laughter. The kind that makes your stomach hurt, you're face leak a little liquid, and has you to the point where you cannot breathe. It is just that funny.

These guys don't just do YouTube videos. They've expanded their reach and have gotten on to the new popular video platform TikTok where they upload little funny bits of their videos onto it for the same comedic reaction they get from their YouTube videos.

If you wanna check these guys out all you gotta do is just click on the link I have attached to their names up at the top and for ReeKid and Smashing just click their names as well. You can also find all of these guys on Twitter, Instagram, and probably Facebook if you still use that.

I really hope you guys find as much enjoyment and laughter as I get from these guys and if you don't that's okay.

Until next time...

Arica Webb
Arica Webb
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