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The Best Nintendo Games of All Time With Cheap Nintendo Eshop Card

by Umar Abbasi 9 months ago in nintendo

Nintendo is arguably the greatest video game developer of all time, and an attempt to compile a list of its best masterpieces is a really difficult task. Take a look at this large and varied roster of undoubtedly great Nintendo games.

When we talk about strategy games, with their epic scale and complexity, we usually mean for the seriousness of PC gamers. But Advance Wars managed to strike such a perfect balance between simplicity and depth that it turned out to be an incredibly addicting strategy game. To play it, you don't need a whole command post, which is why this hit, undeservedly forgotten by many, should become the first contender for a revival on modern platforms.

Nintendo started making games before many of today's gamers were born, but the company's results are consistently great. And while seven generations of consoles have changed, Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Splatoon all have one thing in common - they let you have a great time.

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The Chrono Trigger will forever be the best for many 16-bit RPG fans. This mesmerizing time travel story attracted players with intriguing characters and optional side quests, and the multiple endings provided a level of replayability almost unmatched at the time. Also, graphics from Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama made the game an iconic adventure worth returning to again and again.

The secret of Mana is a 16-bit odyssey: it was vibrant and engaging, with great graphics and music, and an immersive combat system. But the coolest and most distinctive feature of the game for RPG fans on the SNES was the support for the simultaneous play of three players. At the time, this was an unusual innovation.

Wii Sports is almost ridiculously simple, but it is the best example of Nintendo's new goal of creating a whole new generation of casual gamers. Thanks to the simplicity of controlling the movement of the Wiimote controller, it was possible to play tennis even with your grandmother. Simply brilliant!

One day some dimwitted Internet users will call the Wii U the greatest Nintendo console in history. They will just be incomprehensibly wrong, but that doesn't mean Mario Kart 8 isn't the best part in the series' history. Destruction with blue shells is now finally possible in HD, and it is also here that Luigi's famous deadly gaze appeared.

The first F-Zero, which was one of the games launched with the Super Nintendo, actually created the genre of anti-gravity racing, and with the release of F-Zero X for the N64 it became even more fun. Not the best graphics were compensated by the speed of rapid races of huge flocks of flying fireballs along winding tracks. The game shone with a futuristic atmosphere even on mediocre platform resources, and powerful guitar riffs still ring in our ears.

The Resident Evil games had a lot of really nasty things, from zombies in the bathroom to a decrepit old spider woman. But these earwig-headed priests from Part 4 remain some of the most disgusting enemies we have encountered. Of course, don't forget about the explosive mixture of shotgun action, B-class action-style dialogues and obscure puzzles. And what is the result? An unforgettable horror movie!

Tetris went down in history as the most important and perfectly crafted version of the game. In fact, even 30 years later, it remains perhaps the most advanced game in history.

This logic game of filling rows with falling blocks is incredibly easy to learn but requires a fair amount of strategic thinking and at high levels is almost unforgiving. We played it endlessly, along with the millions of early Game Boy buyers, so many of those electronic tunes can be heard in our heads at times.

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