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The Best Brain Training PC Games With Cheap Game Keys

by Umar Abbasi 6 months ago in pc

Brain training games can help test and train your brain and cognitive abilities.

Just ten minutes a day will help you keep your brain fit: memory, attention, coordination, cognitive flexibility. Exercising your brain isn't all that difficult. Don't limit your possibilities! Challenge your brain and find out what you can achieve with these smart games. We have selected modern games that will help improve cognitive abilities: to pump up intelligence, train memory, logic or reaction speed, and even learn how to invest wisely.

The Cash Flow game was invented by the American businessman Robert Kiyosaki, author of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. It promotes the development of financial literacy and teaches how to manage cash flows.

Cash Flow 101 teaches you how to invest in the business and real estate, and Cash Flow 202 is about securities. But the game especially allows you to deal not so much with your attitude to money, as with your life position: here, as in real life, there are no rules: there are only failures, victories and ambitions.

With the SmartCDKeys, you will have access to a wide range of games with cheap game keys and different exercises to suit your needs. Improve your cognitive skills daily, play every day and challenge your brain. Have fun while strengthening your brain.

Psychological game Wei chi originated 2–5 thousand years ago in Ancient China. It was originally used by warriors and rulers to simulate political, military and economic situations. Over time, they began to use it to develop and train intellectual abilities. You can induce reflection with its help, so the game is actively used in psychological practice.

Wei Chi gives an analysis of personal qualities and attitude to the world, training of tactical and strategic thinking, development of the will.

Another popular intelligence trainer was developed by Nintendo, a company that manufactures video game consoles and video games about Pokemon and Mario. Everything here is almost like other neuropsychological games, only on a console: logic exercises (mathematical and verbal) for short lessons and Sudoku for fun. The authors of the game are sure that the brain needs to be trained every day, without which it becomes lazy and useless. You will have to start the game with some excitement - with a test that determines the age of your brain.

Simply choose the type of task and follow the instructions, for example, you can solve math equations for speed. The game gives training memory and speed of thinking.

The quest room with tasks from entertaining physics is dedicated to the inventor of the electric motor and alternating current, Nikola Tesla, who believed in the existence of the ether. The plot of "Tesla's Tower" is connected with his faith in the ether. Players are transported to 1941 and find themselves in a tower, along which, solving scientific puzzles, they must climb to the last task.

This game will give you development of concentration, logical thinking, memory training, and overcoming fears.

Star Wars is set in the Galactic Republic. You have to play in live quests seriously: each player follows a scenario that is known only to him. The clone war has been going on for the third year already, planetary systems have been devastated, and therefore more and more questions are raised about the protection of the capital - the creation of a combat space station. Players will split into groups and participate in intrigues, gambling on the black market, searching for spies and building a space station.

What will the Star Wars game give you? The development of emotional intelligence, acting skills and logical thinking.

In the iconic series of Civilization turn-based strategy games, you will try yourself as famous political leaders. Each country that you control has its own unique buildings, units and bonuses (for example, in Civilization VI, the Egyptians can build a sphinx, which will significantly increase the faith and culture of the state, and the Vikings have drakkar ships on which you can effectively attack coastal settlements ). The game develops not only strategy skills but also diplomacy, as you will repeatedly have to participate in negotiations with the leaders of neighboring states.

So check out and try our suggested brain games.

Umar Abbasi
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