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The Best Dino to Farm Resources in Ark: Genesis Part 2

by Miki Fisher 3 days ago in mmo

All you need to know about Tek Stryder, one of the new creatures in ARK's latest expansion Genesis: Part 2

Robotic deer or a Star Wars AT-AT?

None of the above. Tek Stryder is one of the creatures available in the expansion Genesis: Part 2 of the survival sandbox game ARK: Survival Evolved. These mechanical creatures come with two (out of 8 possible) different non-removable attachments, giving them a wide range of possible abilities. They were supposed to be conceived as robotic "workhorses", to clean toxins from the ground and harvest resources. Imagine getting on one of these and riding it around the stunning map of ARK Genesis!

Tek Stryder has a wide range of abilities, depending on the attachments it has, much like a Mek. Some attachments allow it to be more efficient at gathering, while others turn it into a fighting machine. Wild Tek Stryder, if attacked, defend themselves with a powerful front stomp or a backward kick.

Tek Stryder equipped with the right accessories (digging and resource attraction) become the best creature for collecting almost any kind of materials. It can quickly and efficiently harvest an entire area of resources. Since they can be linked to a Tek storehouse, this allows for long-range mining of specific resources. But as mentioned above, depending on the accessory it has equipped, its function will change. This makes it a very versatile creature in many aspects, and that will be able to serve us in other types of situations such as:

Seeker (Radar Accessory): The Tek Stryder's radar allows you to see what is in an area and select it to track it for a limited time. This can be useful for hunting creatures you are trying to tame. The radar can be set to track players, dinos or both through a menu. The maximum range appears to be about 750 meters.

Assault (Cannon Attachment): If you get a high-level Tek Stryder with the cannon attachment, it can be a powerful war machine, capable of inflicting damage on enemy structures.

Turret Distraction (Shield Generator Attachment or Shield Projector Teams): The Tek Stryder's Shield Projectors can be used as a distraction element for enemy turrets and, when depleted, can be pulled back to let the shield regenerate and then distract them again. This is a cost-effective method of absorbing damage from turrets, as the Tek Stryder will not lose much health if maneuvered correctly, and the shield regenerates without needing resources.

Defender (Shield Generator Attachment): The Tek Stryder's shield modules self-regenerate after 30 seconds when depleted, allowing them to be effective defenders against enemy projectiles and protect you while approaching enemy camps or protecting a convoy. They can also be used to protect your own turrets when necessary.

Anti-Aircraft (Silence Cannon Attachment): The Tek Stryder is capable of temporarily immobilizing flying creatures, leaving them in a vulnerable state to be destroyed.

Tek Stryders, once tamed, come with the following:

Tek Platform: on the back, appears automatically once the Tek Stryder is hacked and tamed for tribe/survival. It can be built on it.

Tek Transmitter: Located at the front of the platform. It can be used to store items and transfer them.

Sleeping Pod: Can be used as a respawn point or as a sleeping point. It will not replenish lost stats such as food and water.

Accessories: All Tek Stryder start with an assortment of head and body accessories that cannot be removed (this is why you must tame the right Stryder for the target you have in mind).

So, how to tame a Stryder?

Tek Stryders are tamed in a non-violent way. This method is through a hacking process. To be able to hack it, you must have a sufficient amount of Mutagel in the quick access bar, and have passed a certain number of missions. This number of missions increases as the Stryder's level increases.

To begin hacking, you will be asked to access a specific part of the Stryder (such as its head or one of its feet), and that part will emit electric sparks until it is successfully hacked. When activating the hack, you will need to stay close to the Stryder during the hacking process, keeping it inside the circle at all times. While hacking, you will be asked to complete a mini-game. If you hit all the encodings, it will increase the taming progress, until it is either tamed or destroyed. Regardless of whether the hack was successful or not, the Stryder will have to move a certain distance away from the place where the last hack was performed before you can start a new one.

In this way, you will have tamed a versatile, magnificent and extremely useful creature. What are you waiting for to go and get your own Stryder?


Miki Fisher

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Miki Fisher
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