The 10 Most Inappropriate Video Games Ever Made

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Inappropriate video games leave gamers with both a reason to be wary, and to rejoice.

The 10 Most Inappropriate Video Games Ever Made

There will always be a moral debate concerning the influence that inappropriate video games may have on users; such as increased aggression, sexuality, and drug use. Contrary to an inappropriate film, the gamer has autonomy over the actions and decisions made by characters in gameplay, and the dynamic of an inappropriate video game can make games feel more real and relative, tapping into a fantasy world in which judgement and norms are unapparent. Though in some cases game designers add explicit elements into inferior games to compensate for poor gameplay quality, this idea is attractive to some gamers, and it cannot be understated that explicit video games is an interesting genre in the gaming industry.

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude follows the story of a nerdy college student named Larry Lovage on his quest to live up to his playboy legend uncle, Larry Laffer. The game is a sequel to the original Leisure Suit Larry, and encompasses all of the romantic entanglements and humor as the original. The gamer gets to take the reins over Larry's social interactions at frat parties, dorm rooms, and on campus with the main purpose of getting Larry laid. From the cover of the game down to the nudity in sex scenes, this game is as inappropriate as it gets. Outside of navigating Larry on campus and at parties, the actual gameplay is centered around dialogues with females. During conversations, the player takes control over a sperm as it navigates through green icons and avoid red icons to produce clever dialogue to win girls over. In brief, gamers are entertained with steering a drunken Larry Laffer in social settings in his attempts to "roll in the hay" with any girl that is willing.

Saints Row IV is a game that I would definitely advise you to keep your children away from. The Saints Row series is like Grand Theft Auto on steroids, proving that violence in video games is and probably always will be a mainstay in the industry. Similar to Grand Theft Auto, the player has the same freedom to free roam a virtual world and do basically whatever you want. This ranges from killing people (regardless of innocence), stealing, going to strip clubs, doing drugs, having sexual interactions, and much more.

With all that being said, there is still a lot of fun gameplay, as well as cool features, if this is your type of game. The player controls the leader of the Third Street Saints, who possesses supernatural powers and is elected the president of the United States. The boss is near invincible as he prevents a nuclear missile strike against Washington D.C. and then fights off thousands of aliens in their attempt at a worldwide invasion. The player is entertained with abilities that allow characters to run faster than the speed of a bullet, jump over buildings, and destroy aliens with as little as one strike. Though it is a very inappropriate game, Saints Row IV has a strong fanbase and provides endless, action-packed gameplay.

For such a simple looking game, how does Custer's Revenge make the list? Many would consider Custer's Revenge as one of the most inappropriate games of all time because it encompasses sexism, racism, and rape in a game where the only objective is to avoid arrows to make it to the other end of the screen. Well, actually, the player takes control of a Caucasian male in a cowboy hat as you try to reach the other end of the screen to rape a Native American woman who is held hostage to a post. As you may deduce, this is inappropriate in every regard, as the game makes a joke out of the real suffering and obstacles faced by Native Americans. Also, take a moment to think about how the main award for efforts in the game is to rape an unwilling Native American woman. There is no surprise that this game received a lot of hate when it was released.

As you may already sift out from its title, Playboy: The Mansion is definitely a game you wouldn't want to be around people when playing. The player takes control over Hugh Heffner as he develops Playboy into a nationwide phenomenon. As you can imagine, gameplay involves hanging out poolside with gorgeous women in the day and partying with celebrities and models in the nighttime. The player's main goal is to build the Playboy brand by facilitating relationships with models and celebrities, managing the magazine, and maintaining a presence in the market through interviews and publicity. The nudity and sexual content in gameplay makes Playboy: The Mansion one of the most inappropriate games of all time. So, make sure your door is locked and your headset is on as you engulf in hours of mischievous gameplay.

Mr. Mosquito is rather different than many of the games on this list, but it definitely falls under the inappropriate gaming genre. The player takes control over a mosquito, with the sole quest to suck as much blood from people without them noticing. Now you may be asking, why does Mr. Mosquito make the list? Well, the mosquito travels through many different environments to leech on its prey, such as a bathroom where a naked girl is taking a bath. Furthermore, there are specific spots on the human body that you have to go to consume blood, such as finding the right spot on a woman's chest. What makes it even more twisted is the player's view during gameplay, as it almost looks like a camera with a little mosquito in the middle of it, recording parts of the human body. Imagine your mom walking into that visual, awkward right?

Similar to other games put out by Rockstar, Manhunt is a very realistic and violent game that allows gamers to live out some of the most vicious crimes ever committed. Other Rockstar games, such as Grand Theft Auto, compensate for their inappropriate material with adored characters, smooth plot, and humorous encounters. Contrarily, Manhunt lacks these restorable qualities and mainly provides users only with vividly discomforting crime and murder.

The player takes part in covert killings of opposing gangs. Since missions are carried out in stealth, the violence is up close and personal. Moreover, murders are usually conducted with knives and other available, sharp objects, though guns are also apparent. One can even measure Manhunt's inappropriateness by observing the game's regular difficulty, titled, "Fetish Mode." We definitely advise younger gamers to stay away from this game, or at least play a more stimulating and well-rounded game like Grand Theft Auto.

Postal 2 is one of the most inappropriate games of all time because of its racist, sexist, and homophobic undertones. Interestingly, several countries have banned the distribution of Postal 2, and it is labeled an offense to possess the game in New Zealand; if caught, you can be fined up to $1,400. The game contains an interesting element of moral choices.

For example, one objective is to obtain the autograph of Gary Coleman. You may do so by patiently waiting in line, or by killing everyone in your vicinity because you have the means to do so. The player even has the ability to outright urinate on people. If I am being honest, the game lacks any type of spark if you take the nice guy route. Postal 2 is perceived to many as a platform that tests your threshold of inflicting hyper violence and immorality.

The Dead or Alive series is no stranger to the sexiest video games ever made, and Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball showcases their best withfemale characters that compete in beach volleyball tournaments to win money and buy bikinis for themselves and others. Gamers take control of one of the several playable female characters as the player develops their volleyball skills, competes in games, and establishes relationships with other characters.

As you can see, the game developers put a lot of their energy into the physical appearances of the female characters; I wonder what feature jumps out to you most. Well this is no coincidence, being that the main (and pretty much only) source of money expenditure is on bikinis, to make your character, as well as others, as eye-grabbing as possible. The bikinis are more and more revealing upon each purpose, which provides users with the sight of jiggling body parts as characters play in games. In short, it's like going to the beach and not being punished for starring!

Another Rockstar game that is one of the most inappropriate video games of all time is not because of its realistic violence and gore, but rather for its intended audience. In this game, the player takes control of a deviant student named Jimmy Hopkins as he attempts to climb the social latter in his high school. Thus, young teenagers are the most relative audience for this game, and how Bully instructs teens to handle social issues is a bit distasteful.

The player controls Jimmy as he basically beats up any bully, nerd, or person in his way to gain respect. Many parents in the US were concerned with the message communicated by Bully to children, even the sheer title of the game. The game received controversy from charities and organizations, and some stores even refused to sell the game.

Despite receiving criticism for having a decade long gap between the first game and the sequel, many people were dissatisfied with the representation of girls in video games, holding especially true in Duke Nukem Forever. Not only does the main character bark out derogative statements towards women all throughout the game, but Duke Nukem Forever features a game mode called "Capture the Babe" that put many people off. In this mode, the gamer is tasked to carry females to their base and are given the option to slap the women on their bottoms if they act out. The Duke Nukem series is known to convey a disparaging tone towards women, but many feel that this game mode crossed the line.

As one may deduce, there have been quite a few inappropriate video games that are widely criticized for their gameplay and features. Some stores refused to stock games and some were enjoyed because of the freedom to act against norms without judgement. In sum, if you are going to indulge in inappropriate games, make sure the lights are dim, your blinds are shut, and nobody is expected home for hours.

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