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Tarkov's Community CAN Make Positive Changes to the Game

It is always possible, when we work together.

By JirasuPublished about a year ago 6 min read

Early last week we had several stalwarts in the community reach out on their respective accounts and address the community at large about their issues with the game and how said issues have been causing problems that people may or may or have been acutely aware of. I mentioned in my last video briefly but Veritas led the charge with a 50-minute banger of a video going on his issues and the overall direction of the game from years gone. I think for the most part the majority of individuals agreed with his sentiments. Myself included. And luckily, it sounded like BSG was listening. Because numerous things happened to the game. Recoil in general got better, weight not as drastic, which in turn makes movement better. As well as armors not being as restrictive too. Overall, it was a lot of compounding issues being dialed back so the game can feel good to play once more. I myself am very happy with the outcome. It was something we needed but maybe some of us didn’t know how to articulate it. But luckily, there are people who can. And with a large enough audience to move some mountains around. And while the changes themselves are substantial, that’s not what I wanted to get into today. I wanted to remind everyone that no matter how bad things get, at the end of the day, if we come together as a community and constructively and respectfully explain our frustrations with the game, when most people seem to be on the same wavelength, we can get things done to the game and make it better for most.

I’ll be honest and say that last video was originally just going to be talking about Veritas’ video. Maybe not in the style of watching it and talking over it, but more hitting the key points and throwing my two senses into the equation. And in hindsight, maybe it should’ve been instead of talking about scarcity in the game. I’m glad I did what I did, but hey, were talking about it now after we actually got changes so I can just say I was waiting to see if anything happens, right guys? Either way, I think it's important to remind everyone that things can change if we all collectively are trying to send the same message and are all on the same wavelength. There are enough places to get information out there that people who can make changes will see them. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be game balance or feel related. Bugs, glitches, crashes, more game critical situations can also be relayed whenever they crop up. Maybe it’s a spot on a map that makes you invincible, or can see through the floor and walls so you know where everyone is. Regardless of what the issue is, someone can bring it up and it can get signal boosted to heck and back if enough people are understanding and want the same end result, regardless of if they themselves as an induvial have the capacity to get the message across in the first place. It could be anybody, doesn’t have to be someone with a million subs or viewers on twitch or anything. Could just be someone who plays the game and is very passionate about it.

Using myself as an example, you know I’m tiny in the grand scheme of things. I’m lucky that I even have 1200 subs, and that there are people who are interested by what I have to say on a topic, but there are people bigger and smaller than myself, who can do a much better job at it and should have their moment if they have something important to say. From the sounds of it across the Internet, these changes have been received very very positively which is wonderful to hear. It’s the first time in what feels like an eternity where systems, numbers, and dials were adjusted on the backend that have had unanimously been praised by the community. I’m excited to see what other kinds of changes BSG makes now that they know what they’re doing is good and they have some momentum.

But what are some potential other changes they could make? Well, to be honest I’m not entirely sure. Movement, recoil, weight, they hit the major ones right off the bat. I suppose maybe adjusting scavs a little bit; messing around with them and seeing what happens could be interesting. On top of that, maybe bosses or something as well and not just the normal breeki scavs. But as for right now, I can’t really complain. It’s been a long time coming, and again, it’s been an even lomger time since everyone is just happier playing the game and not just getting frustrated at the nuances of the game and wanting to uninstall. It really does take me back to when it was smaller, and a little more niche. But I am glad we all came together to voice some concerns with the game and decisions that were being made. Maybe it’s just me, but Tarkov has always been a complicated game. But that doesn’t mean that those complicated components can’t be simplified to their core mechanics. Whether it’s ammo, movement, weight; these systems could maybe perhaps be rung in to help facilitate cyclical gameplay. They can be complicated and straight forward or at least, streamlined at the same time. Because for anyone who has played Tarkov for any length of time, the game actually isn’t that complicated, but filled with situations that require multiple steps to resolve. Whether that’s understanding healing, reloading and repacking ammo, or any of the menus in the stash. There are definitely more games out there that are genuinely more complicated and have mechanics that require more out of the player to figure out. This isn’t to downplay Tarkov and what is has going on, but this is just more from a veteran perspective. I’m sure anyone trying to get into the game now, is very much overwhelmed, and is struggling which is totally fair.

But, the main take away from this was that I am very happy to know that we can come together when the game really needs it, and give BSG our frustrations in a way that doesn’t make them hate us. It can be done constructively and effectively; even if you don’t necessarily agree with what is being asked by the community, just the fact we can have an open and honest discussion about it, speaks volumes for how we should be handling future situations in which the game feels as though it is in a really rough state, and needs some love. Now, we still got a long way to go before the game is ever “fixed”; for now, I’d just say better. Because there are still tons of audio issues, lots of packet loss issues, and other problems that still compound together for a less than ideal experience. So, if you have issues, sound off through bug reports, and getting the word out across the socials. Together, we can make changes in Tarkov, and help turn it into the game we all know it can be. Thank you very much for watching, and be sure to subscribe for more videos about Tarkov and giving the community a pat on the back every once in a while. I hope to see you in future ones.

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